Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updates for a Chilly Weekend: Tea Bella, Safe in this Place, Reading Series, and more

(The Band Called FUSE - Love and War in the City)

It finally got cold, but there's still plenty happening on the Avenue, and Crown Heights is always making news. Some quick updates:

- Tea Bella Jewelry (see previous post) were such a big hit that Breukelen Coffee House asked them back today (Sunday) and next weekend too. Check them out for fun, inexpensive gifts.

- Speaking of gifts, the lady got me concert tickets to the Idle Warship show on Friday for Christmas. If you haven't heard them yet, Kweli's new group is fantastic (and great live), and at Southpaw on Friday, they had the benefit of a fantastic local opening act, The Band Called FUSE, who are always worth the price of admission (song/video above). 

- The Franklin Avenue Merchants holiday lights are up, and to honor those small businesspeople who spent their money to make this happen in lean times, ILFA's posted a list of those who contributed (see updated post below). Thanks to all of you!

- I'll put up full posts about each of these events later, but the weekend does not end today. Safe in this Place, a theater-based workshop aimed at generating community conversations about safety over the next ten weeks kicks off on Monday at 7pm, and the Franklin Park Reading Series returns with Monster Bash at 8pm.

- The Times had a nice piece about a local woman who suffers from Asperger's (untreated, it's left her homeless over the past several years) and the unlikely success she's had with a comic book that she created to come to terms with her condition. 

- The Voice ran an interesting look at Japanese dancehall groups in NYC, including those who competed at last night's Global Clash at the Albany Manor. 

- For those who take the B44, Bed-Stuy Patch had a good article about the implementation of Select Bus Service along the route. 

- A local rabbi has joined the US Army as a chaplain, which was newsworthy because the Army allowed him to keep his beard after a lawsuit (the Armed Forces have done the same for Sikh and Muslim chaplains). 


  1. Really enjoy your updates, keep us completely posted.

  2. Its horrible to be homeless everyone needs a chance.