Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Links: PS 316, Five Myles, & More

(artworks by Robert Toyokazu Troxell and Grace Sachi Troxell, on display at Five Myles Gallery on St. Johns's Place)

Lots to do in Crown Heights today! As ILFA posted on Thursday, PS 316 principal Olga Maluf and some of her devoted parents are hosting a meet-and-greet for prospective parents at the Candy Rush at 4pm on Saturday. Everyone interested in learning more about the great things 316 (on Classon between Sterling and Park) has to offer is welcome. Afterward, head on over to Five Myles Gallery on St. John's Place for the opening of January's Space Program show, a family affair featuring works by father-daughter duo Robert Toyokazu Troxell and Grace Sachi Troxell and music from Grace's brother Cooper Troxell. The fun runs from 5-8pm. Then, from 8pm - midnight, check out Okie Weiss's record release party at LaunchPad.

Also, ILFA recently started contributing some ramblings to the Huffington Post's New York page, the first of which ran today (the short version: after years of writing about gentrification from my own admittedly limited perspective, I've come to feel the term fails to explain some key trends in Crown Heights, and that understanding the neighborhood means taking other long-term forces like (im)migration and community organizing seriously as agents of change and continuity. It's no revelation, but I do feel it's been missing from some of the more recent reports on the area.). I've written a few longer pieces of this sort in the past, and I'm hoping to have links to them posted soon. In the meantime (need I even say it), comments, critiques, and all manner of reprisals are most welcome.

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  1. This article made me think of your blog, and your frequent (and appreciated) attempts to point out that not all of the changes or improvements to our neighborhoods are coming from newcomers: