Saturday, February 25, 2012

Participatory Installation at the Candy Rush

If you're out on Franklin, you'll probably notice a what looks like a sail catching the (considerable) wind outside the Candy Rush. It's an installation by ILFA's "lady," one that's changing every time the wind blows or someone walks on it. Come check it out! Hopefully there'll be some more of these down the line, with a little more notice, too. 


  1. We saw it today. It's beautiful. I'd say she should hang lots and lots of them all over. Making them really participatory and their "survival" up to chance.

  2. I missed this, but found a piece of it stuck in my pull-down gate and was mystified as to what it could be! Gorgeous.

  3. be sure to video tape this when it's up. You don't want to get sued if someone 'trips' over it.