Thursday, February 09, 2012

Renegade Readings Tonight, Art Not Arrests Fundraising Closes Tomorrow, & Lots More

The Renegade Reading Series

- The latest installment of the Renegade Reading Series is tonight at LaunchPad from 8pm - 11pm. From their FB event page

Hi Renegades! Can you believe it's already February? I can't. 2012 is flying by. But that means it's time for another Renegade Reading Series! The deets are as usual: the event will take place at LaunchPad on Thursday, January 9th from 8pm to 11pm. Readings start at 9:00pm. The first and last hour will consist of wine drinking, cupcake eating (for I will finally get back to baking cupcakes this month!), chatting, flirting, and general shenanigans.

At 9:00 we will all take our seats and listen, as one captive collective, to our talented group of readers as they share their best stuff. Each reader gets about five minutes to wow the audience with fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. If you would like to read for this or an upcoming event, please email with your genre, a writing sample, and a short bio.

Your February list of readers is:
Rich Moy
Hubert Vigilla
Krystal Languell
Gustavo Pace
Josephine Ciliento
Molly Gillin

Bring friends, dates, strangers, dudes off the street, bosses, mommies, and roommates. We will have cupcakes for all of them. If you don't like Trader Joe's wine, you are more than welcome to BYOB. Even if you hate stories and fun, you will probably like the tiny scented candles scattered about the room and also the back garden. And if you hate stories and fun, you have my sympathy. Hopefully The Renegade will change your mind.

- After some big donations from local businesses, including Neptune Diner (which is great because the first thing that put Ground Up Designers on the map for me was the plan for Tiny Urban Park, which was displaced by the construction of the Neptune Diner) and some good press in the Huffington Post and the L Magazine, "Art Not Arrests" from Ground Up Designers is closing fast on their goal of $4,500. With 36 hours to go, every little bit helps, so get your donations in and tell your friends!

- Lots of fun events coming up this weekend, including Big Big City at LaunchPad from Brooklyn Skillshare, Juice Hugger's Valentine's Pop-Up Store, Servus Cookies at Owl and Thistle, and a Panamanian Fusion Cuisine tasting with live music from Afrazz Trio tomorrow night at Kelso

- If you need some flowers for Valentine's Day that are a cut above, check out Park Delicatessen's great arrangements (they're not all this expensive - these are just the most spectacular, and thus the best photos to post): 

The 533 Arrangement
Our mid size arrangement, 18" tall in 4X8" glass cylinder
Filled with Roses, Hydrangea, Ginestra, Tulips, Greens, Astrainia, and lots more
The Classon Arrangement
When you want to make a statement, send a Classon. 
The Largest in our collection over 22" tall in 5"X11" glass Celebrity vase
Kale, Double Hydrangea, Roses, Tulips, Lisianthus, and much much more.

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