Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seeds in the Middle presents a Crown Heights soccer rematch, tomorrow at 2pm

This event sounds like a lot of fun - check out their press release below, and their website for more information about the work Seeds in the Middle is doing to bring communities together in Crown Heights. 


Orthodox Jews from Mendy's Deli and Caribbean players in Crown Heights face off again after the Jews surprised the islanders in their first match in December. Twenty years after Crown Heights riots, soccer is bringing the diverse Crown Heights communities together. The tournament supports soccer programs for underprivileged youth in central Brooklyn, a zone in middle of obesity epidemic lacking access to fresh food and fitness where bored youth can also be lured into violence. Donations welcome!

On Dec. 18 - in their unprecedented first game -  Mendy's Deli trounced two Caribbean teams. Now the islanders want a rematch! "We thought they just studied all the time!" grumbled one player on the losing team. Now they're prepared.

 The tournament also honors Christopher Rose, killed at 15 over an iPod by a gang his own age in 2005. Organizers are Errol Rose, Christopher's dad, Josef Cabral - coach of Crown Heights Soccer Eagles youth league and Seeds in the Middle. Soccer for Harmony was named by Rabbi Eli Cohen of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and is supported by the NYPD 71st Precinct, the 71st Precinct Community Council and the Crown Heights Mediation Center.

WHAT: Soccer for Harmony Tournament between Orthodox Jewish team led by Mendy's Deli co-owner and Caribbean players from the Brooklyn league.  After the game, pick-up games with adults and kids to advertise neighborhood children and families for youth soccer.

Orthodox Jewish and Caribbean players from Crown Heights set for ...

WHERE: Hamilton Metz Field, Albany/Lefferts Avenues in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

WHEN: Sunday, March 25 at 2 pm

CONTACT: Seeds in the Middle - 917-697-3745 or Errol Rose 917-559-6915 

Seeds in the Middle, named by fourth graders, partners with students, schools and the community to empower all to get access to all they need to get healthy. We teach how to grow edible gardens, how to market healthy food, how to cook nutritiously, how to exercise - all elements needed for lifelong well-being. Seeds in the Middle opened the Crown Heights Farmers Market last fall (re-opening June 7) -  and started the first organized youth soccer in the neighborhood. For more info, go to


  1. "We thought they just studied all the time!" grumbled one player on the losing team."

    This is hilarious. Thwarting stereotypes is always appreciated!

  2. It was fun to root for the Home Team.

    I won't tell you which team that was, or whether that team won, but I will state the final score was 4-2. Go team.