Saturday, March 03, 2012

Weekend Links: Stork Opens

(photos of Stork and Zelda's via Franklin Avenue Merchants)

The weekend's already rolling, of course, but better late than never. To start, Stork is open  "Ffor business, adding another new shop to Franklin's hottest block (between Sterling and Park). Those with little ones, share your reviews! Meanwhile, Zelda's, a teeny-tiny spot that will offer coffee, pastries and (once they get their licensing sorted out) wine in the evenings is nearing completion next door, and plans to open in two weeks (no word yet on whether the servers will be dressed like this). 

- In foodie news, Crown Heights keeps bringing in the rave reviews and awards, with local favorite Super Wings reclaiming the "Best Wings in Brooklyn" crown they won in 2010. 

- As I write this, local bike activists are out surveying Crown Heights to figure out locations for bike racks - thanks to all those who volunteered! As Prospect Heights Patch reports, there's also a meeting about bike sharing coming up this Tuesday.

- Finally, it's First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum tonight - tonight's event celebrates "Fierce, Phenomenal Women" (appropriate both because March is Women's History Month and because the Brooklyn Museum has one of the most interesting collections of feminist art anywhere, including Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party.")


  1. Stork review: Pretty little shop with pretty, but EXPENSIVE little clothes. Park Slope prices indeed. An expanded book and toy selection might be of greater interest to those of us who won't spend $38 on a 2T tshirt.

  2. Stork review: Boutiques like this compete based on service and convenience, more than price. Cheaper prices can always be found on the Internet and at the malls. Boutiques have to sell high profit goods to survive.

    When my next friend or co-worker is about give birth, I can now buy them something I think mom will like besides a gift certificate. If I do something other than chip in $25 for the rights to be a signer on the office card, I might look less like an oaf.

    I already spend more for family and close friends, yet have to trek to the slope on those occasions. Lots salaried, young breeders have moved to ' hood, they can shop here for themselves, their friends and their coworkers.

  3. $38 for a t-shirt for a two year old!?! $5 for a single serving of green tea biscuits at Bob & Betty's? And so on ...

    These shops are reproducing those in the more pricy areas of Brooklyn (Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, etc.). Why are people who have this kind of dough to blow moving to Crown Heights instead, which has only recently been considered acceptable by the great majority of professional types?

    Or, is this new market demographic people who can afford to take on $1 million dollar mortgages but not $2 million dollar mortgages? It doesn't seem likely that there are that many of those people in this neighborhood even now, but maybe.

    I've heard people say that no one can save $ here (in NY) - is that because they're buying $38 baby clothes instead of putting $ into a 401K?

    I'm not being loutish here; I seriously don't get it. And my HHI is well into the six figures range. Nick, maybe you could explain this. Is this one of those things about NY that I just don't get?