Monday, April 02, 2012

739 Franklin: Grand Opening This Weekend

The announcement says it all - 739 Franklin, the latest addition to the super-hot block between Sterling Park, opens for business this weekend with a two-day celebration. Swing by on Friday or Saturday for free (while supplies last) catered hors d'oeuvres and music (a DJ on Friday, and live jazz on Saturday), as well as first crack at their cocktails and other offerings behind the bar. Should be a good time - the Franklin Avenue Merchants always know how to welcome a new spot to the Avenue in style.


  1. Excited for this!!

  2. I must say that they Grand opening of this hot spot was very inviting. The atmosphere was very friendly. This will sure be a very successful business in the neighborhood. I wish you all the luck. I will surely recommend people to go to this Bar and Lounge

  3. I hate to be a naysayer, I really do, but my friend and I thought the place left a little too much to the imagination. 4 beers on tap, a couple of cans/bottles, and a limited wine/whiskey selection leaves me wondering how they'll compete (ed. note: not to be biased against vodka/gin/other spirts, just that whiskey/bourbon/scotch have a greater deal of options and differences).

    Also, I couldn't quite figure out what the back space will afford.

    That all being said, I do hope I am incredibly wrong. I can see the back space being set up well as a down-tempo lounge (for those of us not always keen on Franklin Park's wild weekend scene), but who do like the personal touch a DJ can bring. Additionally, I assume the back wall is set up for movie viewings? Maybe I'm wrong.

    Anyway, definitely watching the progress here.

  4. I’m really pleased to see this remarkable opening of this place it has allured to everyone best of luck to you guys.