Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautiful Crown Heights: Art Not Arrests, Roger That, Gardener's Libraries

Lots of great people are working to make Crown Heights beautiful this spring. 
Check out these three projects:

Art Not Arrests has a beautiful installation under continuous construction in the Crow Hill Community Garden. The first phase of the project was funded through Kickstarter, but now that the canopy is up, you can contribute a piece to the project - literally, a link in the canopy, as seen above - by donating $3 toward youth art classes in the garden this summer. More from the folks at Ground Up Designers, who launched the project in association with the CHCA:

100% of the money raised through these donations will go toward the Art Not Arrests summer art classes, hosted in the Crow Hill Community Garden, by the Crow Hill Community Association. Any money raised above and beyond what is required by the CHCA to host the summer art classes will be used toward individual scholarships for selected students – allowing them to continue their art education after the summer classes are over. Any additional funding will be donated to other arts related anti-violence initiatives in Crown Heights Brooklyn. 

You can find donation boxes and flyers at the following businesses along Franklin Ave: 

  • Guero’s Brooklyn
  • Owl & Thistle
  • Rosebud Vintage
  • The Candy Rush
  • Chavela’s Restaurant
  • Bella Greens
  • Little Zelda’s
  • 739 Franklin
  • Stork
  • Dutch Boy Burger
  • Franklin Park
  • Pine Tree
  • Veggies
  • Wino(t)
  • PeteZaaz (Classon Ave)
  • Winey Neighbor (Washington Ave)

Also, if you're one of the many members of the creative underclass here in Crown Heights, Art Not Arrests is still seeking teachers for summer art classes (and if you're a parent, they're seeking students of all ages, too). Either way, get in touch with them if you'd like to be involved!

Meanwhile, over on Rogers and Park, the Roger That Garden Project has been working to transform the lightly-cultivated community garden on that corner into a completely co-operative space for growing food and having fun. They've launched a Kickstarter to help make their vision a reality, which is almost funded but could always use a few more donations to get it over the hump (check 'em out on Tumblr, too).

Finally, out in front of LaunchPad, construction of a bench-based gardener's library, which will contain tomes on gardening and cooking as well as seeds to share, is almost complete. 


  1. Thanks! Having sweet stuff going on makes it easy, no doubt. Also, congrats to the Roger That folks for getting their Kickstarter funded so quickly, and thanks to all who donated.