Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conversation with Artist Edouard Steinhauer, Thursday at Five Myles

(Edouard Steinhauer, "Beast")

The Haiti Cultural Exchange sponsors a Cafe Conversation with Haitian-American artist Edouard Steinhauer, tomorrow evening at Five Myles Gallery on St. John's from 6-8pm. More below from  the Facebook event invite:

Edouard Steinhauer is a Haitian-American artist whose use of of found and transformed objects in his work pushes the limits of medium and the imagination. His current multi-media installation entitled “In No Strange Land” pays homage to John Hampton’s “The throne of the third heaven of the nations’ Millenium General Assembly” located at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. In Steinhauer’s interpretation of Hampton’s shrine, the aluminum-wrapped components become electricity conductors. Using 4×5 analong film process, Steinhauer captures the ethereal electric charges. Large prints of these images are up on display. The second work in the installation is a series of kinetic sculptures composed of common household appliances and furniture that rotate, begin and stop seemingly at random. The audio component to this installation is comprised of low frequency beats produces with synthesizers and keyboards.

In a review of “In No Strange Land,” André Juste cites the “magical beauty- and even the mystery- in the show lies in its transparency of means.” The use of consciously distinguishable elements in Steinhauer’s work only adds to the power of the mystical aura that seems to surround his composed pieces. The effect is an intriguing straddling of the real and beyond.

Join Haiti Cultural Exchange for a discussion with Edouard Steinhauer about his present and past work, use of medium and his inspiration. His current exhibition will also be up for view.

Also, check out André Juste's review here.

Refreshments will be served.

Seating is limited, please RSVP to

This event is free but we do ask for a suggested $10 donation.

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