Thursday, April 05, 2012

Crown Heights in the News, Falafel, Murals, and More

Straight from the rumor mill, ILFA has heard that the former Passion Hair Salon on Franklin between Eastern and Lincoln (798A, if memory serves) is being transformed into a falafel joint as we speak. Whenever they open, Gothamist will have to update their "Food and Drink Tour of Crown Heights" and the Daily News will have to update their "Guide to Crown Heights and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden," both of which were published in the last few days. 

Meanwhile, down the street, the clinic at Franklin and Park is getting a new mural, courtesy of Imaginal Disc Art. 

Finally, while it's not in Crown Heights, tonight's party for dance documentary Flex is Kings over on Bond and Union looks to be truly fantastic (and I know some local folks are involved in the project, so hey, there's your CH connection).


  1. This is amazing news for CH residents. Franklin gets better day by day. 739 Bar coming, the renovated business coming into the space at Franklin Roadhouse, this new falafel store!

    Soon brokers will be "stretching" the borders of Crown Heights rather than Prospect Heights!

  2. Oh yes, amazing news! It's no rumor, it's true. The falafel joint is being opened by the owners of MySpace Realty. They don't just want to profit by displacing long time residents, they also want to profit by feeding the new ones. But why ruin your appetite thinking about the realities of some of the new businesses on Franklin Ave. Just smile about the great new food options, and wave goodbye to your old neighbors as MySpace forces them out of the neighborhood. After you're done digesting, maybe you can try to figure out what neighborhoods those MySpace folks live in. It sure isn't this one. They only make money here, they wouldn't dare move their families here. Can you hear them laughing? Or did they get to the bank already?

  3. Dear Anonymous, change is something you will have to get used to. It is constant and will always be. You cannot hope that something will stay the same forever just because you want it to.
    I got priced out of Chelsea, the west Village, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Lefferts Gardens. New York City is an exciting, dynamic place and many people want to live here. Have you ever heard of the rule of supply and demand? Business and property owners have a right to get what they can for their goods and spaces. They are risking and investing their money to provide goods, services and spaces. If you dont want their stuff, go spend your money elsewhere. Nobody has a "right" to live anywhere. There are many cheaper places to live