Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crown Heights Roundup: Remembering Elsie Richardson, Art Not Arrests, & More New Construction on Franklin

There's a worthwhile discussion taking place on the thread below this one, but there's too much going on around the neighborhood not to post some links:

- Art Not Arrests assembled their canopy this weekend in the Crow Hill Community Garden. Check out the video/photo montage above for an inside look at the process.

- Mike Woodsworth has a moving tribute to civil rights leader and longtime Crown Heights resident Elsie Richardson, who passed away last month at the age of 90, in The Nation. Crown Heights isn't often remembered as a hotbed of civil rights struggle, but leaders like Ms. Richardson were instrumental in improving and preserving the neighborhood at a time in its history when neither the city nor private industry was doing much to keep it from ruin. Those of us who enjoy a comfortable life amidst the beauty of Crown Heights today have leaders like her to thank for their efforts. Among the many campaigns Ms. Richardson was involved in was the founding of Medgar Evers College, a dynamic living reminder of the civil rights legacy in Central Brooklyn.

- The Brooklyn Yoga Cooperative, currently based at LaunchPad, has grown so tremendously that they'll be moving into their own space two blocks south (in the former hairdresser's spot, next to the dollar store between Lincoln and St. John's, I believe) sometime soon.

- Speaking of LaunchPad, they'll be launching a Game Night on April 21st.

- ILFA caught up with the new owners of the former 3D's space on the NE corner of Franklin and Sterling. They're aiming to open their Caribbean restaurant, Island Seas, in about a month, which will will be a "wine and dine" spot featuring jerk chicken, several varieties of fish, and "the best oxtail you've ever had." 

- Meanwhile, reader Damian reports that the long-underused space on the SW corner of Franklin and Sterling is getting a major makeover, with new walls and what looks like a restaurant kitchen going in.  That location was used as storage for years, but it was only a matter of time before the owners decided to develop it.

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