Friday, April 06, 2012

It's Weekend Time: Food, Drink, & Cherry Blossoms

- The cherry trees are beginning to bloom at the BBG (see above), so put on your walking shoes and go for a stroll with that special someone this weekend (don't wait for the festival at the end of the month, which is always packed and, with global warming, always comes too late, anyway). To appreciate them even more, check out this fabulous story about the dirt the trees are planted in (here's a Brooklyn Dodgers connection) from Michael W. Robbins' collection Brooklyn: A State of Mind.

- Tonight, check out Chef Benoit Bofia's SoulKofa Soiree at Lily & Fig for good company and a vegan African buffet. 

- Tonight and tomorrow, 739 Franklin offers food, music, and cocktails in their brand new space as part of their grand opening.

- Finally, as regular readers will know, ILFA is a total map nerd. Check out this latest one from Columbia, an energy-use map of NYC.

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