Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Funday at the Roger That Garden Project

If you're around tomorrow and want to get involved with the Roger That Garden Project over on Rogers and Park, they're having a clean-up day from 12-5pm. More from their organizers:

We'll be out cleaning the Garden this Sunday from 12-5 if you want to come weed, clear out rubble, share ideas, have fun outside, and help plot out the new raised bed design. Bring gloves, heavy duty trash bags, and kids if you've got em! We could also use a pick ax and sledge hammer if you have that too.
Also some totally amazing news -->

We did it! Our Kickstarter is now fully funded! 59 backers, 7 days. Wow. This ensures that we’ll be able to receive funds. BUT you can still encourage others to donate until May 18th. The more funding the better. More importantly, the more volunteers the better!

We're looking for donated plants (maybe you have some to divide at home?), soil, mulch, and0 tools so keep your eyes peeled (whatever that means). Also we're hunting down friends, friends of friends, or even frien-emies who may have pick-up trucks and vans if you know of anyone. 


  1. So happy the finding keeps coming for this. Hopefully I'll personally get a chance to help out soon. Know lots of people excited about this in the general area!

  2. COME ON DOWN! We had so many wonderful neighbors join us today and found us through this blog! Thank you SO MUCH for telling people about Roger That and anyone wanting to help out can e-mail me at

    <3 Emily-Bell and the Roger That! Garden Project team