Saturday, May 12, 2012

Enjoy It Before It Closes: Come see "The Interrupters" at the Crow Hill Community Garden Tonight

Art Not Arrests and the CHCA are screening the award-winning documentary "The Interrupters" at the Crow Hill Community Garden tonight at 7:15pm, and Alan James of Save Our Streets Crown Heights (which employs the same violence interruption strategy that is documented in the film) will be on hand to introduce the movie. Under any circumstances, ILFA would highly recommend this event, but recent news makes attendance even more worthwhile. As of today, the lot in which the garden is located has been sold, and the garden, which community members have poured countless hours into over the last few years, must be vacated within two weeks. With so little time left to enjoy the garden, why not swing by tomorrow.

Thinking aloud, there's a bittersweet irony here, because it's precisely the efforts of Crow Hill and other like-minded folks that have made the neighborhood so attractive for developments of the kind that will displace this garden. The folks I talked to today were bummed to lose it, obviously, but they were proud of the contribution that it made to the increasingly vibrant sidewalk life along Franklin. Hopefully whatever gets built in that space will be as easy on the eyes as the garden has been.

On a more practical note, the awesome installation that Art Not Arrests erected will need a new home, as will all the gardeners who planned to have plots in the garden this summer. I'm sure they're reaching out to people already, but if you're involved with a local garden or other public space in the area, keep them in mind. 

Finally, in other news along the same lines (neighborhood beautification attracts development that displaces said beautification), the mural panels along Eastern Parkway will come down on Monday. If you're an artist who took part or just a person who'd like to preserve one of these pieces of art, get in touch with Crow Hill this weekend.


  1. Change is constant. In the suburbs, they name new developments after what used to be there: Babbling Brook Way. Meadow Drive. Etc.

    Perhaps this will become the site of Garden Condos.

  2. The garden gates will open at 7:15, the program will start a bit before 8 with the screening at 8:15
    We are not sure how many people we can accommodate so seating will be on a first come basis: bring a blanket or chair
    We are committed to going through with the summer arts program, there will be discussion of this at Tuesday's CHCA meeting: Tuesday, May 15, 7:30 PM -The Gospel Tabernacle Church/725 Franklin Ave/Between Park Pl. and Sterling Pl. Please come and help us regroup and plan for the summer.

  3. There is an empty lot on the corner of frank and prospect on tge east side. A terrible eye sore. Maybe the garden can go there.

  4. No garden - but more bars, restaurants, and places to buy things. Is this really what makes a neighborhood worth living in?

  5. 12:03-

    Until we repeal property rights and/or get everyone to agree on something, yes, this neighborhood is really worth living in.

    It is actually a pretty nice place to work toward utopia.