Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Look Inside Mayfield

Back in March, local residents and NYC culinary-scene veterans Jacques Belanger and Lev Gewirtzman made news with the announcement that they were taking over the former Franklin Roadhouse Space. Yesterday, they gave ILFA a tour of their new restaurant, which they've dubbed "Mayfield" "in honor of Curtis," according to Lev. 

The interior already looks completely different than it once did, with exposed brick walls with weathered-steel inlays, an open-plan kitchen, and a long bar running most of the length of the very deep space. Unlike at the Roadhouse, you'll be able to sit at the bar, which will serve a full lineup of beer, wine, and liquor, and will include, between the kitchen and the booze, a raw bar. Tables (high- and low-top) and chairs are being salvaged from bowling alleys and church pews, and the garden out back will remain, with some new plantings.

There's plenty of work to be done (they hope to open "by the end of the year"), so the menu is far from settled, but they still plan to serve seasonal American fare in what Lev called an "everyday, casual" setting, focused around the raw bar and whatever fresh produce comes their way. Whenever they open, I think it's a safe bet that they'll be hotly-anticipated, even in a budding foodie scene that includes Thirstbaravin (recently reviewed in the New Yorker, which couldn't keep from calling the area an "anti-destination destination"), Barboncino (which earned high marks from the Voice, who also shouted out Fatima), Peet Zaaz (the Times loved them), Rosco's (working away right across the street in the former Slice of Brooklyn space - we appear to be becoming a pizza destination), Chavela's, and many others.

Chairs salvaged from a Kentucky church

Future home of the raw bar


  1. After the broken promise of oysters at Crown Inn, I'm excited yet wary.

  2. Why "Curtis Mayfield"? don't really see him at the raw bar. maybe at 95 South though ...

  3. This place applied for their alcohol lic under the name Northside Tavern. I guess they decided to change it in the interim.

    Regardless, I think it is a wise choice to go upscale. Everything that seems to cater to the upscale part of western CH seems to be packed.

  4. Glad for the name change, I like it. Northside Tavern sounds like it should be on N. 7th and Driggs.

  5. Williamsburg we are not.

    Barbacino is already filled with childless couples in their 40s who live locally, and are quietly renovating brownstones.

    The Jewish Hospital buildings are filled with strollers....

  6. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  7. Can't wait to see the next updates or the finishing touches of the place. Thanks for this!

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  8. White owners appropriating the name of a black musician known for his black consciousness for a hip restaurant that caters to an affluent, mostly-white audience in rapidly-gentrifying central Brooklyn - WOW! Seems obnoxious, but perhaps the impulse was sincere.