Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lots to talk about: Bar food, handlebars, new spots, and a night out to cover it all

It's way too late for a weekend rundown (heck, last night's post was already about this coming weekend), but last weekend came and went with a number of notable new additions to Franklin, and they seem worth mentioning. If, like ILFA, you're the kind of person who likes chatting about all things local, including changes like these, come on out tomorrow night for a mid-week beer at Washington Commons with the fine folks from Brooklynian. I can guarantee the conversation will be lively.
Some cannon fodder for the conversation (it's finals time in ILFA's world, so I'll have to miss out):

- Two local bars unveiled their food offerings this weekend, with Black Tree Sandwiches setting up shop in the tiny kitchen at the back of The Crown Inn and 739 Franklin launching their menu as well. While I haven't had the chance to sample the wares at 739 yet, the grilled cheese from Black Tree was very tasty indeed (and came with a healthy portion of chips).

- Excelsior Cycles is open - anybody been inside yet? 

- Work on the new restaurant in the former Franklin Roadhouse is coming right along, while the former Slice of Brooklyn is undergoing a mild renovation in order to reopen as Roscoe's, a new slice pizza place. 


  1. Brooklynian has not held an all purpose gathering in a while.

    Based on the number of people who have responded "yes" or "maybe" via Facebook and Brooklynian, it looks like about 20 people are going to show up.

    All are welcome:
    Old-timers who are Missing in Action.

    8 PM
    Today (Wednesday, May 9th)

    P.S. The vast majority of us are good looking.

  2. Bike shop is top notch. Also a ping pong place is coming to st johns in the old fish market w the falling awning.

    1. Ping pong. Definitely have to stock up on my ping pong supplies for the summer. Can never have too many paddles.

    2. agreed on Excelsior-- they seem to know what they're doing in there. will have to bring one of the bikes in for a repair to see how their wrenching is, but it looks quite promising.

  3. I think it's one of the Gueros guys opening the pizza place

  4. While sandwiches, pizza, and ping-pong are interesting, I've decided to apply my energies to the big building that is presently in the planning and investment stages at Lincoln and Bedford.

    The project will demolish the old theater at the site, and result in a large amount of housing.