Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tubetops: New Music From Locals!

Check these guys out - they live right here in Crown Heights. Between the frequent shows at LaunchPad, Secondary Sound Jam NightsBrooklyn Unplugged, and probably a lot of other stuff that the musicians in the neighborhood are tapped in to, CH is developing something of a music scene. 

From their press release:


In the summer of 2010, on the day of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, three high school friends from upstate New York and another from Dartmouth College made a pact to forego the pleasures of the flesh to stay indoors and write their first song as a band. Since then, Tubetops has worked tirelessly in cramped Brooklyn basements to hone what they like to call their 'sex-wave' sound. They self-released their first EP in December of 2011 and played numerous venues across New York City to close the year out. Running on the momentum of their self-titled debut, they immediately began work on a follow up effort in early 2012.

For their new project, Tubetops presented themselves with a challenge: to write as many songs as possible in one weekend.  Unsure of the product they would churn out, the band stayed up all night, working into new territory, subsisting on Indian food and bodega sandwiches.  They came away with their four best songs to date while continuing to draw on their undeniable ability to put together great pop songs.  Instead of limiting the songs, the artificial time constraint seems to have added to the cohesiveness of the album and filled the songs with an energy that draws the listener in. Written and recorded in the span of 36 hours in the basement of their apartment, Warmer Still is the second EP from Tubetops.  

With spontaneity at its heart, Warmer Still delivers a surprisingly polished sound.  Each track is layered with synths, drum machines, guitars and an array of vocal styles.  At the same time nostalgic yet fresh, the four songs embody the highs and lows, physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses that the band experienced while locked away during that fateful winter weekend of 2012.
Tubetops' songwriting process is collaborative; each of the four members contributes to each track adding their voices, ideas, and sounds from a growing collection of vintage synthesizers, acoustic and electronic instruments, field recordings, and samples.  The title track opens the EP with a playful bounce, reminiscent of early Depeche Mode.  In The Air is fueled by a sexual energy and a distorted bass, but at its heart is a dance track with disco groove.  Woolgather is quick-paced and ethereal; the perfect soundtrack to fast cars and neon lights.  The EP wraps up with Jet Set Life, an upbeat song dedicated to care-free living and analog synths.

Track Listing:
1 Warmer Still
2 In the Air
3 Woolgather
4 Jet Set Life
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Download: http://bit.ly/download_tubetops-warmerstillep 

Upcoming Performances

May 3rd, Pianos 158 Ludlow, NYC
June 23rd, Mercury Lounge 217 E Houston, NYC

Video for Jet Set Life:

Video for Warmer Still:

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