Thursday, June 14, 2012

Calling All Crown Heights Artists: GO Brooklyn

Even if you're not an artist with a studio in Brooklyn, check this out. The Brooklyn Museum is currently accepting artists for "GO Brooklyn," a community-curated open studio project geared at supporting local artists, building community relations with public institutions, and giving the public a say in what features at these institutions. Drawing on the rich tradition of open studios in Brooklyn neighborhoods from DUMBO to Bushwick, GO will organize a massive, borough-wide open studio weekend on September 8-9, during which time any artist with a studio in a Brooklyn zip code can register to show their work from 11am-7pm. Meanwhile, those of us who don't make art will have the opportunity to wander through Brooklyn checking this work out and voting for our favorites by text, app, or online. The top few favorites will then be featured in a show at the Brooklyn Museum itself that will debut during December's First Saturday. 

Submissions in every imaginable medium are encouraged - email coordinator Victoria Cho at ms.victoriacho {at} gmail {dot} com with any questions. 

Also, don't forget tonight's benefit at Five Myles (558 St. Johns) from 6-9pm. 


  1. Thanks for posting about this awesome project!

    Some extra info : artist registration closes on 6/29 at midnight, so if anyone is interested, be sure to register by then!

  2. There are close to 600 registered artists and there is still ten more days to register. The museum is going to exhibit work which gets voted in.?? Wow, I better start making lots of new friends.

  3. Thanks for posting about this, Nick!