Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fantastic Photo of Franklin in the Fifties

From a reader comes this photo of a Chinese family that lived across from the hardware store that is now Dutch Boy Burger in the 1950s. 

In other news, Little Zelda is hosting another sing-a-long tonight, to Weezer's eponymous "Blue Album" (soundtrack of my youth), and I got a fantastic haircut yesterday for $15 at Benny's Barbershop on Classon between Lincoln and Eastern. If you've been schlepping over to the Slope or into Manhattan for your haircuts, save yourself some time and money and check them out.


  1. This photo could be in the Museum of the Chinese in America (MOCA) - so great!

  2. Cool photo. And one that all those in the neighborhood I've heard say "these people moving in to our neighborhood..." should look at, as well as even older photos.

  3. 12:26-
    Are you implying the world might not be ending every time there is a demographic shift, and that adapting to change (rather than trying to stop it) is about all any of us can do?

    Yes, that is news some could use.