Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Love Dean Street

ILFA has disappointed many a friend and acquaintance by revealing that, despite the name of the blog, the lady and I don't actually have an address on Franklin Avenue. While there are obvious reasons to pay attention to a major commercial thoroughfare as opposed to a quiet residential street, in the last few months, our block of Dean Street has made some news of its own. Led by the Dean Street Grant Square Block Association (for more on the interesting history of Grant Square, here are some little historical pieces from the glory days of ILFA's youth) and the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden, there are lot of good reasons to head north along the Avenue to Dean Street this summer. 

Beautiful Streetscapes: The Block Association recently won a neighborhood improvement grant from the Citizen's Committee for New York City, which will go towards plantings and beautification. If you live on Dean between Bedford and Franklin, swing by the garden from 2-4pm today to pick up your plantings.

Fresh Food: The Farmer's Market, to be held in the Walt L. Shamel Garden (Dean between Franklin and Bedford) starting next Saturday, June 30, and running every Saturday from 8am-2pm through October. 

Art Classes for Youth: After a new development evicted them from the Crow Hill Community Garden, Art Not Arrests moved into the Walt L. Shamel Garden, where they'll be offering a great slate of classes for young people all summer long. 

The garden and the block association will also be hosting events later this summer including movie nights (a hit last summer) and their annual Art Fair. 


  1. Awesome! So stoked about the farmer's market. Any word about which vendors are going to be there?

  2. They're starting out with one upstate farmer (they've organized this through Just Food, if you're familiar with their work:, I believe, and hoping to build on that, pending community response, sales, and such.

  3. I live on Dean, however the next block over (between Bedford and Nostrand). I know I would love to be a part of the Block Association, or at least get something moving on my side of Dean!

  4. Come check out the market on Saturday - you could very likely join the garden, and while the block association's reach ends at Bedford at the moment, they're a great group and could likely offer suggestions for how to get residents on your block involved in something similar.

  5. I love the Walt Shamel Garden. Been stopping by for a couple of years now. Looking forward to hopefully having a full blown farmers market a short walk from home.