Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Links and Updates: Crosby Coffee Company, Theater at Jack, Bedford-Union Armory, Crown Heights Crime, and Bees

(coming soon: Crosby Coffee at Bergen and Classon)

- Crosby Coffee at Bergen and Classon is getting close to opening. Their high ceilings and big windows give the place an airy feel, and they'll be serving Caffe Vita roasts made to order with a Synesso pressure profiling machine (coffee aficionados tell ILFA this is impressive stuff, and not found at most Brooklyn coffee shops). They'll also be taking credit cards for any purchase (even a single cup of joe to go). The shop is named in honor of Crosby Gaige, the legendary chef and cocktail-recipe-compiler who wrote the 1939 New York World's Fair Cookbook, from which some recipes will be borrowed (the World's Fair connection also inspired their elephant theme). 

- On the heels of a nice write-up in the Times, Jack, an new theater and creative arts space at 505 Waverly (near Fulton), is set to open this Saturday with a rent party featuring live music from 6-11pm (flyer below). While not, strictly speaking, in Crown Heights, ILFA is a fan of Jack's creative leadership, who staged a fantastic production of T.S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral" a couple years back. 

- Local resident Jessica McNamara is one of many New Yorkers keeping bees on their rooftops, as reported in the New York Times. She's hoping to harvest 100 pounds of honey this year (seriously awesome photo - see above). 

- The Daily News ran an article exploring some of the suggestions made in Marty Markowitz's Bedford-Union Armory report. 

- The charges have been dropped in the bizarre rape case that made news by falling to pieces on the already-embattled Brooklyn DA's Office over the past few weeks, but police are still in search of the rapist who attacked a woman waiting for a cab a few days ago. 

- Finally, I've added a blog post I wrote for Dissent on "The Stop and Frisk Generation" to the "Also By ILFA" section.


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