Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Little Zelda's Big Nights, New Garden at Bombay Masala

As reported last week in a nice article on DNAInfo (whose Sonja Sharp is now absolutely destroying ILFA on new scoops), Little Zelda, the 18-seat gem of a cafe on Franklin between Sterling and Park, is now open in the evenings serving wine, just in time for the summer. Having finally scored their license, owners Michael and Kate are currently serving Spanish wines of all varieties and small plates of goodies (marcona almonds, olives, boquerones, cheeses, and such) until 2AM. Drawing on Kate's connection to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (as profiled by the New York Daily News), they've also got some great-looking new planters outside, which promise to "grow up to be quite jungly and beautiful," according to Michael. ILFA typically makes morning stops at Little Zelda's for chocolate bread, but it looks like ducking in for a drink on the way home from work will soon be part of the routine as well.

Just down the street, Bombay Masala has bought and begun to to renovate the space formerly occupied by Ebita Realty, where they've hung a sign promising their new "Bollywood Bar." While that project may be in the works for awhile (permits and such), the owners have made quick and spectacular use of the adjoining backyard spaces, installing a leafy deck with a fountain and outdoor bar that's as lovely as any outdoor eating space on Franklin. Bombay's always been a takeout staple, but with their upgraded menu (the food has definitely gotten better in the last few months, and it was always good) and their new garden, it's now a great place for a night out, too.


  1. Once the new Indian place near Chevellas opens, they will have close by, upscale, competition.

    Chicken Tikka!

  2. Just wondering if anyone reading this has inquired as to whether Bombay Masala offers any vegan items, or whether they use ghee in everything. The garden looks lovely.

  3. The new place by Chavelas is supposed to have more veggie, and perhaps vegan items.

    It will be more upscale than Bombay, according to the owner.