Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brooklyn Yoga Collective Open in New Space (+ Links)

This is old news at this point, but I wanted to post it since I'm a big fan of the folks who started this. The Brooklyn Yoga Collective, formerly based out of LaunchPad, have moved into a new space at 795 Franklin (between Lincoln and St. John's) and are hosting a complete slate of classes as of this week. Their cooperative model makes yoga affordable and accessible - check ' em out. 

- In sad news, one man was killed and another injured in a shooting at Schenectady and St. Johns. Thanks to SOS Crown Heights for organizing this evening's response, and for ensuring that no shooting goes unnoticed or passed off as "business as usual."

- Our Councilwoman, Letitia James, was at a hearing earlier this week to state her opposition to the proposed Bloomberg "soda ban," largely on the grounds that it will be ineffective and also because very few of the people it is intended to target (low-income New Yorkers, largely of color) were involved in developing this policy as a response health issues in their communities. 

- Ms. James was also quoted in a Brooklyn Paper article noting that the 77th Precinct didn't give a single ticket to a speeding motorist last month. Anyone who's ever tried to cross Atlantic, Eastern, or even Franklin at rush hour knows just how aggressively drivers speed and burn lights, but the NYPD seem to think this problem isn't one worthy of their efforts. Pedestrians are killed with alarming frequency on NYC streets, so hopefully someone will raise this issue at the next Precinct Council Meeting.

- Finally, the date is official - the Nets play their first game at the Barclays Center, against the Knicks, on November 1, 2012. 


  1. now we can see the Knicks lose on Atlantic Avenue..... and look forward to Knicks/Nets fans bar fights.... lol