Friday, July 06, 2012

Crown Heights Weekend: Farmers Market, Built in Brooklyn, First Saturday at Brooklyn Museum

Lots of good stuff happening locally tomorrow. Early birds can check out the Farmers Market at the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden on Dean, which runs from 8am-2pm every Saturday. Afternoon flaneurs should wander by the Built in Brooklyn Craft Fair at LaunchPad, which runs from 12-6pm, and night owls will want to check out the Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday and the various local dance parties that pop up at bars like Franklin Park and 739 Franklin afterward.

Two other quick notes:

- ILFA stopped in for a pie at newly-opened Rosco's (in the old Slice of Brooklyn space) and it was delicious. I can also now resume my favorite fusion-cuisine meal on Franklin, which is to order some tacos at Gueros, go grab a slice while I wait for them, and then take the tacos home and eat them, too. Mmm.

- ILFA starts a gig as a tour guide with Big Onion Walking Tours this Saturday, taking folks over the Brooklyn Bridge and through Brooklyn Heights from 11-1pm. If you're into learning more about the history of NYC and Brooklyn, come check out one of our tours sometime.


  1. Just wanted to mention that the new Farmers Market is well worth a visit. So much easier than trooping down to Grand Army Plaza. Even though it's smaller, selection is just as good for produce.

  2. This blog continues to be very useful.

    CH North Farmers Market is basically two long tables of produce. All the general stuff you'd expect. A bit more leaves and mushrooms. Totally fine and very convenient.

    good luck on the tours.