Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking: Violent Arrest at Franklin and Union

ILFA just heard this eyewitness testimony about a violent arrest that took place about 40 minutes ago at Franklin and Union. Apparently a suspected shoplifter was running out of one of the stores and was grabbed by an officer, resulting in a short tussle that quickly turned into a rout, with the officer whaling on the suspect to subdue and detain him. This drew a crowd of onlookers, who protested what they felt was an excessive beating. When the witness I spoke with arrived on the scene, a large contingent of officers was arriving (the arresting officer or his partner likely called for backup) and dispersing the crowd, but the arresting officer was, according to the witness, "going berserk," beating the suspect even though he was in handcuffs, roughly shoving him into the squad car, continuing to beat him, and then dragging him out of the squad car to mace him in the face while other officers held the crowd at bay and did nothing to restrain the attacking officer. Onlookers protested, and were told to move along, though many held cell phone cameras aloft. One woman who persisted was threatened by the arresting officer, who the witness said looked "like a madman."

This is obviously a very limited report - if anyone has any additional information or photos, please pass them along. 


  1. If any video shows up, I hope you post links to it here.

  2. I watched this from my window.

    1) The suspect was resisting arrest and was not being beaten, but was being wrestled into the squad car. But he was a strong, young man, and this was not an easy feat for the arresting officers.
    2) The suspect was pulled out of the car and maced because he was bashing his handcuffed fists against the squad car window and trying to break the glass.
    3) Every time anyone is arrested in Crown Heights people hold camera phones aloft. But 99% of time the officers are just trying to do their job and arrest a criminal who is resisting.