Friday, September 28, 2012

Crown Heights Oyster Party at Little Zelda's Tonight 7-10pm

Little Zelda, who've been in the news lately for leading the charge to get a bike corral placed on Franklin between Park and Sterling, are hosting an oyster party tonight (and every Friday night) from 7-10pm. Brooklyn Oyster Party will be providing the bivalves, and they'll be providing the wine and beer.

Also, just in case anyone wasn't sure if Crown Heights has been "discovered," the Daily News asked a broker (in their regular "ask a broker" column) what the "next hottest nabe in NYC" was. You'll never guess what she said.

1 comment:

  1. LZ has been one of the more innovative spots with their various events.

    As for the daily news, while could be good for my property value, not a fan of this nabe du jour stuff unless there's long term sustainable growth. So far the Williamsburg bubble hasn't burst, so who knows