Friday, September 14, 2012

The Franklin Avenue Merchants Never Sleep

Brooklyn Fit Lab, Open For Business

The Avocado Sandwich at TasteBuds (with a shoutout to Sidney, who made this particular sandwich look extra-good and taste extra-delicious)

A new coffee shop on Park Place.

ILFA takes the better part of a week off, and what happens? I miss a whole pile of news and notes from the Franklin Avenue Merchants, who are forever building, renovating, improving, revamping, and reinventing their businesses in the endless quest for your patronage. Some of the latest bits and pieces are bundled here, but the best way to find out about new places or changes at old ones is just to walk in - I've never met a merchant along Franklin who wasn't happy to talk to a potential customer about what they have to offer and why.

- Local blogger Krystal caught up with Chadon Charles today, owner of Brooklyn Ink Spot and Bella Greens, to hear about his new venture, Brooklyn Fit Lab, at 654 Sterling. They'll be offering a whole range of fitness, martial arts, and dance classes for adults, as well as dance classes for kids, too.

- A whole range of places along the Avenue have started offering brunch, including 739 Franklin (who have fan-dam-tastic food - if you've only stopped in for a drink, you're not getting the whole experience), the Candy Rush (red velvet waffles, anyone?), and Barboncino (ok, they've been doing this for awhile, but still, brunch pizza!). Check them out when you need a break from the old standbys.

- Speaking of restaurants, 95 South is being re-invented as a soul food restaurant, and they, too, will be offering brunch upon their re-opening. Meanwhile, a coffee shop is moving into one of those corner lots on Park Place that were destroyed by the fire in Homage's kitchen a few years ago (poor Homage - they had just hit their stride, too). Unlike most places, which have to pay for sidewalk permits, their lot extends to the little fence in front of the building, which should make possible some great outdoor seating options. 

- Speaking of re-openings, for those in need of nail care, Posh Nails will be getting a re-launch very soon.

- Finally, a number of places up and down the Avenue have begun offering promos and discounts, often through their websites or twitter accounts, but sometimes just posted in the window. TasteBuds, where ILFA had a killer sandwich for lunch, is offering students (with ID) a 10% discount all this week, and may consider extending it.


  1. 95 south a soul food restaurant where drug dealers and gang bangers hang out. Will probably continue to run like a club and attract the same problems. Also there is a middle eastern restaurant coming near Lincoln. eastern parkway appears to begin construction any day. Two restaurants at Sterling seem near to opening. The Indian restaurant doesn't look too promising they better hope their food is far better then their decor.

  2. Posh reopened over the weekend. Hopefully they are successful -- I enjoyed going there...when they were open!

  3. Also, the Bollywood Bar is going to open! They worked through their permit issues, and have begun working towards opening soon.

  4. Also, are these derogatory comments about 95 South substantiated (not to mention the implications about the as-yet-unopened soul food place)? I think a restaurant in this vein will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

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  6. The 95 south comment is neither derogatory nor unsubstantiated. It's been a problem, just talk to an officer who's worked the beat long enough or local residents. Besides those problems, they're basically racists. An Asian friend walked in for a drink and the bartender yelled out "who ordered Chinese food?!". I once went in for a drink, sat at the bar while other patrons were already there, and was told they're closed for a private party. If the new management is smart, they'll welcome the whole neighborhood, because it's gotta be a bummer to see other bars crowded and you're dead except for private parties.

  7. Any word on the new Jamaican place opening across from Chavela's?

    While I don't agree with the comments about 95 South I will say that as a woman of color who lives in this neighborhood that I've never felt welcomed there or ever wanted to get a drink there. There are always men hanging around outside leering at women and making rude comments, and the bar itself doesn't seem inviting or welcoming. Change would be good for them.

  8. The spot across from Chavela's is called 3D's which has been there quite a while. I believe I read somewhere that they were opening up as "Island Seas" or something to that effect. No idea the opening date but they finally pulled down the encasing wood and facade looks nice

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