Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yes, yes, voting is usually reserved for Tuesdays in our fair republic, but thanks to the strange and wondrous workings of New York State, we have a Thursday primary for State Assembly today. If you're a registered Democrat (and if you live in Brooklyn, you should be, purely for practical reasons - Brooklyn votes 7-1 Democratic in general elections, so decisions are made in the primaries), then you can vote to replace Hakeem Jeffries in the 57th Assembly District. Because this is a primary on an unusual day, turnout will likely be low, which means the votes of those who do get to the polls will matter, so make the time to cast yours tomorrow.

The Candidates:

- Walter Mosley
- Olanike Alabi
- Martine Guerrier

Election coverage and endorsements:

- Prospect Heights Patch
- The Brooklyn Paper
- New York Times
- Daily News

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