Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crown Heights Film Festival Starts Tonight

The Crown Heights Film Festival begins tonight at FiveMyles!

Doors open at 6:30, screenings begin at 7:00.
There will be a Q&A session at the end of the night.
Admission is suggested donation at the door.

We have a wonderful line-up of local and international films for Halloween tonight. Visit us again for a new line-up of films everyday through November 10 at FiveMyles and FREECANDY. On certain nights there will be live music performances following the Q&A sessions; a variety of concessions are available at both venues.

Please note films may contain adult content. For younger audiences, please join us at FiveMyles and The Candy Rush for the matinee sessions on Sunday, November 4.

Visit our website for the full festival program and venue information.

Thank you all for continuing to support CHFF. See you soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crown Heights Post-Hurricane Update

Crown Heights made it through the storm with a few scrapes and bruises - the Nassau Brewery lost a part of its facade, and trees were down across the neighborhood, including a big one on Prospect Place - and lots of businesses were open today as residents swept out stoops and cleaned up branches. A few notes about local changes and cancellations:

- The Crown Heights Farm Share will hold their pickup tomorrow (Wednesday) at Georgia's Place from 5-8pm.

- The Crown Heights Film Festival postponed their opening night (planned for this evening), but tomorrow's Halloween films are going ahead as of right now.

If, like many New Yorkers, you'll have tomorrow off from work on account of the continuing transit snarls, consider volunteering by sending your name, email address, and borough to We on Franklin did fine, but there are many in our city who are still hurting and could use the helping hand.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Riding Out the Storm

It's getting ugly out there for those who live closer to the harbor, but Crown Heights is (knock on wood) relatively out of the way of most of the immediate dangers. If you live in an area threatened by flooding, our thoughts are with you, and please, stay safe (e.g. don't get your jet ski out). If you're cooped up at home, you'll sympathize with the efforts of three local roomies who've decided to fight cabin fever with red wine and document the whole thing at Storm Watchers. If you dare brave the elements, the Crown Inn and Franklin Park are both open and rocking.

Hurricane Helpers: Lots of Local Businesses Stay Open

Seen on this morning's pre-hurricane run: lots of local businesses open on Franklin (including, in no particular order, most delis/bodegas, Mayfield, Sweet Basil, Little Zelda, 739 Franklin, J's Wong, Excelsior Bike Shop, LaunchPad, Chavela's, Pine Tree, Nam's, Bob & Betty's, Pulp and Bean, and Dutch Boy Burger/Franklin Park), a line outside of Wino(t), which was just opening at noon and already had a line (quoth the lady, "it's a good day for red wine"), leaves blown off the top halves of the trees that line Eastern Parkway, which made them look as though they'd suddenly acquired male pattern baldness, plenty of joggers heading into Prospect Park and plenty of traffic moving around Grand Army Plaza, coffee shops just packed down Flatbush (everyone's a freelancer when the subways aren't running), Cubano Cafe completely boarded up (quoth the lady, "they may know a thing or two about hurricanes"), people scrambling to gather fallen ginko berries atop Fort Greene Park, and the beginnings of storm damage along Fulton (some downed awnings and construction fences). Stay safe and dry, everybody.

ILFA's always a big booster of local business, but it's not as though anyone's going into Manhattan for their food and drink tonight. Still, I'm sure those who came into work would be glad to see patrons, so if you've got a good raincoat, why not go out and say hello? 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Final Local Obama Fundraiser Tonight at Thirstbaravin

If you're looking for an evening out that doesn't involve a costume, swing by Thirstbaravin (Pacific and Classon) tonight from 7-9. A $10 donation gets you your first glass of wine.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Fun on Franklin

Lots to do this weekend to celebrate All Hallows Eve. If you're sitting around right now thinking "man, it's 11:30 on a Friday night and I've got nowhere to go in this awesome Gumby costume" then you should head over to 739 Franklin, where the Monster Mash (see flyer above) will be raging for another 4 hours. 

Tomorrow, kids can join in the 3rd Annual Franklin Halloween Parade, which starts at the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden (Dean between Franklin and Bedford) at 3pm, and will march up to the Candy Rush for a tasty treat before heading back down the avenue to Mike Perry's 983 Dean Street Studio (the home of Wondering Around Wandering) for a final kiddie bash. 

There are also great events going on all weekend in Prospect Park (including at the zoo) thanks to the Heart of Brooklyn folks. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

TONIGHT: Racecraft at the Brooklyn Museum

Tonight, Professor Barbara J. Fields of Columbia's Department of History (where ILFA is a grad student) joins her sister, Duke University sociologist Karen E. Fields, to discuss their new book, Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life at the Brooklyn Museum at 7pm. A description of the book, released by Verso, is below, and more information about the event can be found here.

From Verso:

Most people assume that racism grows from a perception of human difference: the fact of race gives rise to the practice of racism. Sociologist Karen E. Fields and historian Barbara J. Fields argue otherwise: the practice of racism produces the illusion of race, through what they call “racecraft.” And this phenomenon is intimately entwined with other forms of inequality in American life. So pervasive are the devices of racecraft in American history, economic doctrine, politics, and everyday thinking that the presence of racecraft itself goes unnoticed.

That the promised post-racial age has not dawned, the authors argue, reflects the failure of Americans to develop a legitimate language for thinking about and discussing inequality. That failure should worry everyone who cares about democratic institutions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here Comes Mayfield

After a summer of renovations and a soft opening on Monday night, Mayfield (at 688 Franklin, just south of Prospect) is ready to open. Swing by and check them out tonight and this weekend. The seasonal menu will be a surprise, but it shouldn't be hard to guess who'll be on the stereo.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama Fundraiser & Final Debate at Franklin Park

There are lots of places showing the final debate around the Avenue tomorrow night, but only one that gives you cheap beers for being an Obama supporter:

Obama Final Debate Showdown and Fundraiser at Franklin Park
Monday, 22 October
$4 beers and well drinks*

When: Monday, 22 October 2012, 9 pm - 11 pm
Where: Franklin Park, 618 Saint Johns Place (@ Franklin Avenue.)
Organizers/Hosts: Raquel Wexler & Franklin Park

*$4 beer and well drinks with a minimum $10 on-site donation towards Obama’s re-election.
Online donations, checks and cash will be accepted. Contribution forms will be filled for all donations. 100% of funds raised will be given to the Obama Victory Fund 2012.

For more information, contact Raquel: raquelcrowhill (at)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Three Great Events Today: Built in Brooklyn, Tastes of Brooklyn, and the Dean Street Farmers Market

It's a great fall Saturday in Crown Heights. If you're up early, check out the Dean Street Farmers Market (between Franklin and Bedford in front of the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden) from 8am-2pm. Then spend your afternoon checking out the latest edition of the Built in Brooklyn Craft Fair and Tastes of Brooklyn (not actually in Crown Heights, but organized by Crown Heights non-profit Seeds in the Middle).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CHCA Updates: Development Watch

(pictured above, from top to bottom: the most up-to-date plans for 341 Eastern Parkway; work begins on the big hole, and renovation underway at the last vacant storefront on Franklin's hottest block)

Tuesday's CHCA meeting laid out some goals for the coming year, which included developing initiatives in five key areas: community building, safety, merchants (FAM will be taking the lead on this), Beautification, and one that catches ILFA's eye, Development Watch. Essentially, the CHCA hopes (with the help of community members) to do two things. Firstly, they want to keep residents informed and abreast of new plans and new developments, from zoning changes (there's a proposal in the works to "upzone" - allow taller buildings - along commercial corridors in Crown Heights) to big projects (like 341 Eastern Parkway and 1000 Dean) to individual storefronts. 

Secondly (and this is of course the harder part), they'd like represent the community to these developers, which requires developing a sense of what the community needs and wants from these developments. Such a project raises all sorts of good questions which I'll leave to our able commentariat (what sorts of influence can they exercise? what are the needs, and whose needs are they? and so on...). Suffice to say, however, that I'm a big proponent of keeping people informed about the changes taking place in their communities and giving them the opportunity to voice their opinions about it. To that end, here's a quick "development watch" update from ILFA:

- 341 Eastern Parkway is under construction (click on the flyer above for an idea of what it will look like when its finished). As one of the most observant locals I know put it, "the fact that they painted over that mural says a lot, because they didn't need to." 

- Other big projects: a construction fence is up and work appears to be starting on the 505 St. Marks development (94,000 square feet, 128 residential units, as reported last year.

- Last summer, ILFA claimed that every storefront on Franklin's hottest block (between Sterling and Park) had been occupied. Readers were quick to point out the error - one remained, next door to the Candy Rush. It's under construction, however, so it appears at least part of my post will soon be correct.

The CHCA is planning an event on Wednesday, November 14 at 983 Dean with some folks from the Pratt Institute to open up some conversations about what these changes mean, what community members want from them, and how they might influence the process. Until then, readers, there's always the comment threads!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Watch Tonight's Debate in Crown Heights

(locals take in the VP debate at 739 Franklin last week)

It's a great night for politics in Crown Heights - you can get your local updates at the CHCA meeting at 7:30 (see post below) and then saunter across the street to catch the 2nd presidential debate at 9pm at Little Zelda or 739. As reported on DNAInfo, the local crowd is a fun one for debate-watching.

Also, if, like ILFA, you're wasting your day checking random polling sites and politiblogs, check out this fantastic graphic from fivethirtyeight.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reading Series Tonight, CHCA Meeting Tomorrow

A pair of quick reminders:

- The Franklin Park Reading Series returns tonight at 8pm with an all-star lineup at Franklin Park (and $4 pints!).

- The Crow Hill Community Association hosts their October meeting tomorrow night in the Gospel Tabernacle Church (725 Franklin) at 7:30. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

UPDATED: Barboncino Neighborhood Appreciation Day (FREE BRUNCH) This SATURDAY

(Barboncino's margherita wowed the Voice's Robert Sietsema back in February)

UPDATE: This event is TOMORROW, Saturday, October 13th, and not Sunday as previously stated. Apologies to all for the misinformation.

Has it been another year already? Just yesterday, it seems, Barboncino Pizza was the new kid on the block, and now they're celebrating their one-year anniversary with a neighborhood appreciation day, offering FREE brunch, this Saturday morning. DNAInfo's Sonja Sharp gave them a nice write-up last week, complete with some info on just what, exactly, a brunch pizza is (answer: delicious), and ILFA will have a short interview with owner Ron Brown posted later today. But put Saturday on your calendar, and come celebrate with Barboncino. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

VP Debate-Watching Party at 739 Franklin

From the folks who organized the fundraisers at Little Zelda and the Candy Rush:
Biden-Ryan Debate Watch
and Fundraiser at bar 739 Franklin
Thursday, 11 October 9-11 pm

$3 well drinks &  $4-6 beers*
First 10 people to donate will get a free well shot

When: Thursday, 11 October 2012, 9 pm-11 pm
Where: 739 Franklin Avenue (between Park Pl. and Sterling Pl.)
Organizers/Hosts: Raquel Wexler and 739 Franklin.
Join us for cheap beer, booze and community camaraderie with a $10 minimum on site donation to the Obama Victory Fund

Online donations, checks and cash will be accepted. Contribution forms will be filled for all donations. 100% of funds raised will be given to the Obama Victory Fund 2012.
For more information, contact Raquel: raquelcrowhill (at)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Franklin Park Reading Series NEXT Monday (not tomorrow)

The Franklin Park Reading Series looks fantastic as always, and the organizers want to remind everyone that it takes place on the THIRD Monday of the month this month, October 15. Check out their awesome lineup:  

It's our fall blockbuster reading! On October 15, we'll be featuring fresh fiction from notables on large and small presses: Legendary author A.M. HOMES (May We Be Forgiven, The End of Alice), hot new stars EMMA STRAUB (Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures) and MARIE-HELENE BERTINO (Safe as Houses), and two of the most acclaimed authors in indie publishing, MICHAEL KIMBALL (Big Ray, Us) and SCOTT MCCLANAHAN (The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Vol. 1)!!!


618 St. Johns Place, between Classon and Franklin Avenues
Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Subway: 2/3/4/5 trains to Franklin Avenue

THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: The website SMALL DEMONS ( will be providing a $1 discount on the first 100 drinks, beer or well (this means you can get your first pint for just $3!), plus coasters with fascinating lit quotes. And we'll be raffling off some awesome Small Demons merch!

And our great appreciation to BOMB Magazine for recording podcasts.


A.M. HOMES is the author of the novels May We Be Forgiven, This Book Will Save Your Life, Music For Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers, and Jack, as well as two story collections, Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects, and the memoir The Mistress’s Daughter. Her books have been translated into twenty-two languages. She has published fiction and essays in The New Yorker, Granta, Harper’s, McSweeney's, One Story, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair, where she is a contributing editor. She lives in New York City.

EMMA STRAUB is the author of the novel Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures and the story collection Other People We Married. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published by Tin House, The Paris Review Daily, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time, and Slate, and she is a staff writer for Rookie. She lives with her husband in Brooklyn, where she also works as a bookseller.

MICHAEL KIMBALL is the author, most recently, of the novel Big Ray, as well as the novels Us, Dear Everybody, and The Way the Family Got Away. His books have been translated into a dozen languages. His work has been featured on NPR's All Things Considered and in the Guardian, Vice, Bomb, and New York Tyrant. He is also responsible for the project Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) and a couple of documentary films. He lives in Baltimore. Visit his website at

SCOTT MCCLANAHAN is the author of Stories V! and the Collected Works of Scott McClanahan. In 2013 Two Dollar Radio will publish his book Crapalachia and New York Tyrant Books will publish his novel Hill William. He is co-partner of the company Holler Presents. Learn more at

MARIE-HELENE BERTINO is the author of the debut story collection Safe as Houses, which received the 2012 Iowa Short Fiction Award. Her stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Pushcart Prize Anthology XXXIII, North American Review, Mississippi Review, Inkwell, The Indiana Review, American Short Fiction, and Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading. She received a Pushcart Prize in 2007 and a Pushcart Special Mention in 2011. She was chosen as a Center for Fiction Emerging Writer’s Fellow in 2011. She hails from Philadelphia and lives in Brooklyn, where for six years she was the associate editor of One Story.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Panama Day Weekend Happenings

That's right, it's time once again for Panama Day! Franklin Avenue was once the epicenter of the largest Panamanian community in the United States, and while many folks have moved out of the area, they still return every year to celebrate Panamanian heritage, culture, and independence (from Colombia, with a little help from a canal-hungry, gunship-sending, big-stick-carrying Theodore Roosevelt in his imperialist mode). If you've never experienced the drum-and-bugle-led parade or the fantastic food (a mix of Latin and West Indian influences - Panama's citizenry, many of whom migrated from the British West Indies to work on the railroad and the canal, is remarkably diverse), make sure you take a stroll up the Avenue. While you're at it, check out the Built in Brooklyn Craft Fair at LaunchPad from 12-6.

- And don't forget the Obama fundraiser at the Candy Rush on Sunday!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Crown Heights Farmers Market Today (and more from Seeds in the Middle)

Just a quick re-posting - check out all the cool stuff Seeds in the Middle is up to:


Slideshow of the fantastic bounty here!
HEALTH BUCKS - $2 free when you spend $5 

Buy fresh produce from RH Farms (used to be Iona Hill Farm!) and Jamerican Farmer Rodrick! Don't forget his callaloo!
Yes, this time, they're really coming! We're so glad!
Here's what the Cheese Guy says: "My trademark is high-end, small batch, primarily handmade, kosher, artisanal cheeses. 
I'm excited to present cheese connoisseurs with a mouthwatering variety of cheeses. And since our runs are exclusively Kosher, we've whet the Kosher palate as well - expanding their repertoire of choices and taking Kosher cheeses to entirely new heights. The adventurous spirit will love our exotic combos like jalapeno cheddar jack and marble, local NY State sharp cheddar, and those who crave Blue Cheese should try our distinctive version made by 3rd generation Wisconsin master cheese makers.
While most of my cheeses are produced domestically at family owned dairy farms, I do produce some cheeses abroad in Italy - made in the finest Italian tradition in small dairies that dot the countryside. Make sure to try our Pecorino Romano cheese aged over 18 months - it's the best of the best!"

MORE VENDORS WELCOME! T: 917-756-4202!
Today: All ages: 3:30 to 6 pm
Register at the market!
We may start programs if the community wants it!
Let's Eat! 
Save the Dates:
Tastes of Brooklyn, Sat. Oct. 20
EAT REAL NYC, Wed. Oct. 24
FOOD DAY 2012 - U.N. DAY 2012


Love to eat? Love to talk to chefs, farmers?
Celebrate Food Day and U.N. Day 2012 
TASTES of Brooklyn on Saturday, Oct. 20
EAT REAL NYC at Foley Square on Wednesday, Oct. 24.
Farmers Market/Artisanal Market for the Day!
Thanks to the Food Day 2012 team! 
Email us:

PLANT Roy photo from obitFOR FARMER ROY and the community on OCTOBER 18! Save the DATE!

Let's Eat & Compete - November 11


Special thanks to Rea, Judd and Lily Tully for our first greenhouse!!!!! Photos to come soon! 
Thanks, Brown-Rudnick Charitable Foundation, Kaboom, Whole Kids Foundation, Aetna, Bronx Health Reach, CCNYC, Coca-Cola Foundation and more for all your generous support!  
Farmer Roy Hildebrant was our first farmer, and co-founder of the Crown Heights Farmers Market. See his obit here.
Roy understood, and so does Farmer Rodrick, that folks in the obesity epidemic are not unhealthy because they want to be. It is due to lack of access to resources! He worked with us to right a food injustice in Crown Heights. 
FOLKS! YOU HAVE TO USE THE FARMERS MARKET OR LOSE IT! We want to keep our farmers here. So, buy!!!
We hold fun activities every week to draw attention so people hear about us and come buy! If you'd like to honor Roy, donate!
OCTOBER: Plant a children's garden at Albany/Lefferts Park (Hamilton Metz Park) on Thursday, Oct. 18 with us in memory to all who died too young. Thank you, KABOOM, for awarding us $750 the garden in a public park, and for another $750 for a mural  at Public School 221 next to their new edible garden. 
SATURDAY, OCT. 20, 11:30 AM TO 3 PM!
 Thank you, Edible Brooklyn, Let's Move Brooklyn and all for your support! Thank you, Saul, Brooklyn Farmacy, Egg, Fort Reno/Palo Santo, Aliseo Osteria del Borgo, Baluchi's, Black Tree Sandwich Shop, Di Fara's, Fornino, La Vara, Karloff, Locanda Vini e Olii, Lunetta, Mastellone's, Shelsky's, D'Amicos and more who have already committed. Enjoy fresh drinks - smoothies, fresh lime/lemonade with mint, apple cider - made by youth with Let's Move Brooklyn and the Healthy Retail Task Force! Entertainment - Krik-Krak Storytelling, Live Music and more  - all near Borough Hall - celebrating fresh food, chefs, farmers, culinary artists. Chefs, artisans, farmers, healthy movers and shakers all welcome! 

Let's break a record with the BIG APPLE CRUNCH!
Let's get the "Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event" at Foley Square, right near the courthouses - NOON
See us in the Tribeca Citizen! 
Chefs, Farmers, Artisans, Movers and Shakers - Join us! Chefs are joining us from every country! We got Italy, France, India, Haiti and more already! Please join the Harrison, Baluchi''s, Chez Elle and more as we go around the world for United Nations Day! Enjoy spectacular fare from seasonal produce! Shop at our Farmers Market for the Day. Thanks to our advisors, Jimmy Bradley of the Red Cat and Harrison, J. Glebocki Farms, Sue Torres, chef-owner of Suenos and more.
Remembering Roy....  
See New York Times tribute here.
See Roy's Obit here.
Hear WNYC Fred Mogul's story about our market here!
The Daily Record has it right!
"Roy Hildebrant battled cancer like he lived his life, with courage and dignity. He taught many people the true meaning of life, how to be kind, helpful and patient. He was truly respected among his family, friends and community. Everyone that knew him, knew that he was a selfless and genuine man. He gave so much to so many and never asked for anything in return. He will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts."  
NYS Senator Eric Adams has it right!
"An unsung hero has passed away and his void will not soon be replaced. Farmer Roy was a unique individual, a man who truly cared about his fellow human beings and gave of himself unconditionally. His legacy will live on through the Crown Heights Farmers Market. Team Adams sends our heartfelt sympathy to his family and loved ones."
Farmer Roy, we would never have had that infamous squash at our debut  TASTES of Brooklyn if not for you. 

Roy, we loved you for your quick sense of humor, generosity, smart business tips, kindness, compassion, people smarts, being a admirable dad, son, brother, husband and amazing fourth generation farmer with a heart of gold and just a keen awareness of the right thing to do.

All, if you can, please donate to our market! We are still underfunded, struggling to survive. Even $20 will help!

Rest in peace, Roy - November 27, 1963 to August 11, 2012.
On July 26, we planted flowers for Roy - with donations from Home Depot.
Crown Heights Farmers Market
Please tell all friends, clergy, family to come buy from our farmers! Send this to all you know. Let people know it's here.LIKE US ON FACEBOOK HERE!
 Keep our market alive. Use it or Lose it!
Roy, we'll never forget you. 

Contact us at T:  


Your Seeds in the Middle Team

New Music in Crown Heights

- Crown Heights-based trio People Vs. Larsen released their first album on Tuesday, and are playing around the borough in support of it. They played Brooklyn Bowl tonight, and will be at Rockwood Hall this coming Wednesday at 9pm.

- Tonight also saw the kickoff of Little Sammy Squeeze and RockInOctober at The Way Station, where Tres Amigos accordionist Sam Reider will be presiding every Wednesday for the next month. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Welcome All You Dreamers

A longtime friend and the director of Finding Atlas, a Brooklyn-based immigrant youth collective, has just started a great new tumblr, Welcome All You Dreamers. The complete info on the project is below, but the gist of it is simple - take a photo of yourself extending a welcome to the young people who will earn green cards through the Obama Administration's Deferred Action program. 

Crown Heights has a sizable immigrant population, of course, many of whom are un- or mis-documented, and it would be great to see these photos taken around the Avenue. In my own case, I decided to head down to 33rd Street in Sunset Park, where my Ukrainian great-grandparents lived for a short while when they first arrived in the the United States. While the immigrants of their generation experienced many hardships, including nativism and violence, they were, for the most part, given the opportunity to make their lives here, and most of us wouldn't be here if they hadn't had these chances. 1 in 7 Americans can trace their ancestry through Brooklyn, and today, the borough is once again a thriving mosaic of immigrant communities, Sunset Park among them. Going down to the ancestral home was also a chance to welcome the future to Brooklyn.

If you're one of those who supports the Dreamers, read on below for instructions on how to add your voice to the welcome chorus:

Hundreds of thousands of young people will be welcomed into our society in a new way this year. When USCIS grants a green card they officially "welcome" someone into America, my clients and I joke about it, but it is a powerful message. 

USCIS may not be welcoming these incredible young people, but, finally, at least in some ways, they are being recognized here in the U.S. So let's give them a proper "welcome" from those of us who are so proud they are here. 

I am creating a tumblr ( ) , directed towards all the young people receiving DACA in the country and I need your help. 

Can you send me a photo of yourself holding up a paper that says "Welcome"? It can be in any language, in any font, typed or handwritten. It can be yourself with your children your teachers, your office. It can say "Welcome to our workforce", "welcome to our schools" "welcome, we are proud to stand by your side" ANYTHING to let these young people know that there are hundreds, thousands of them who stand by their side. 

How about creating a video message from yourself, telling young people that you are inspired by them, that you wish the dream act was passed, that you encourage them to apply to your jobs, etc etc. Videos are so inspiring and uplifting when young people need a voice to grab them through. 

Can you forward this to anyone you know who may be similarly inspired to share a word of encouragement, of pride, of inspiration, who can help?

1) Email your photo or video (as a file or uploaded to youtube and send me private link) to 
2) Pass this email on to your friends

Love for Obama in Crown Heights

New York may no longer be a swing state (it once was! seriously! Benjamin Harrison would never have won in 1888 without it!), but New Yorkers can still influence the upcoming election with their wallets. On Sunday, Little Zelda hosted a fundraiser that added some local fun and flavor to a national campaign that many of us follow from our various screens. It seems obvious, but it was genuinely enjoyable to actually talk to people and make donations together. 

For those who missed out last Sunday, never fear - there's another fundraiser this coming Sunday at The Candy Rush. For a $10 on-site donation, you'll receive a free small scoop of ice cream (this ought to bring out the youth vote). They'll also have live music and cupcakes from BCakeNY on hand. Mark your calendar!