Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crown Heights Post-Hurricane Update

Crown Heights made it through the storm with a few scrapes and bruises - the Nassau Brewery lost a part of its facade, and trees were down across the neighborhood, including a big one on Prospect Place - and lots of businesses were open today as residents swept out stoops and cleaned up branches. A few notes about local changes and cancellations:

- The Crown Heights Farm Share will hold their pickup tomorrow (Wednesday) at Georgia's Place from 5-8pm.

- The Crown Heights Film Festival postponed their opening night (planned for this evening), but tomorrow's Halloween films are going ahead as of right now.

If, like many New Yorkers, you'll have tomorrow off from work on account of the continuing transit snarls, consider volunteering by sending your name, email address, and borough to nycservice@cityhall.nyc.gov. We on Franklin did fine, but there are many in our city who are still hurting and could use the helping hand.


  1. Thanks for posting about volunteer efforts. I was curious about the nearest shelters to our area - as public transport (subway) is down.

  2. Brooklynian has some ideas up as well

  3. There's a City shelter at Clara Barton H.S., 901 Classon. Not sure if they need volunteers or not.