Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Helpers: Lots of Local Businesses Stay Open

Seen on this morning's pre-hurricane run: lots of local businesses open on Franklin (including, in no particular order, most delis/bodegas, Mayfield, Sweet Basil, Little Zelda, 739 Franklin, J's Wong, Excelsior Bike Shop, LaunchPad, Chavela's, Pine Tree, Nam's, Bob & Betty's, Pulp and Bean, and Dutch Boy Burger/Franklin Park), a line outside of Wino(t), which was just opening at noon and already had a line (quoth the lady, "it's a good day for red wine"), leaves blown off the top halves of the trees that line Eastern Parkway, which made them look as though they'd suddenly acquired male pattern baldness, plenty of joggers heading into Prospect Park and plenty of traffic moving around Grand Army Plaza, coffee shops just packed down Flatbush (everyone's a freelancer when the subways aren't running), Cubano Cafe completely boarded up (quoth the lady, "they may know a thing or two about hurricanes"), people scrambling to gather fallen ginko berries atop Fort Greene Park, and the beginnings of storm damage along Fulton (some downed awnings and construction fences). Stay safe and dry, everybody.

ILFA's always a big booster of local business, but it's not as though anyone's going into Manhattan for their food and drink tonight. Still, I'm sure those who came into work would be glad to see patrons, so if you've got a good raincoat, why not go out and say hello? 

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