Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art On Franklin: American Landscape at Five Myles Tonight, Wondering Around Wandering Closing On Tuesday

Two quick updates on our local art scene:

- American Landscape opens tonight at Five Myles from 6-8pm (description from the gallery below). The show runs through December 16.

New work by: Marin Abell, Josh Bricker, Dan Carlson,
Chad Curtis, Dymph de Wild, Ben Finer, Daniel J. Glendening,
Peter Lapsley, Jan Mum, Tom Pnini, Leah Raintree,
Rick Reid, Corina Reynolds, Greg Stewart, John Wanzel

Organized by Dan Carlson
This exhibition collects 15 young artists from across the country who use the Romantic landscape paintings of the Hudson Valley School as a point of departure to make work that re-contextualizes America's endless bounty in late-model capitalism.
Image (above): Daniel J. Glendening

- Wondering around Wandering, the pop-up gallery and community event space from Mike Perry at 983 Dean Street, will host its regular hours tomorrow from 1-6pm and then close for two days to prepare for their final gala, featuring live music from three bands and raising funds for Hurricane Sandy relief. If you haven't had a chance to check WAW out yet, this is your last chance!

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