Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happening Right Now: Bike Corral

The city began installing Franklin's first bike corral in front of Little Zelda (on Franklin's hottest block, between Sterling and Park) this morning at 8am. Photo above.

For more information on bike corrals, bike parking, and how local residents and businesses can advocate for and acquire them, check out the NYC DOT Bicycle Parking page.


  1. Great to see this happening! Any idea how something like this happens? Can any business apply for it?

  2. Pretty much. DOT needs the show the local Community Board that the project has local support.

    Here's how this one was created:

  3. Do you have any information on the animal hospital coming to Franklin Avenue and Sterling Place?

  4. Did these take up parking spaces?

  5. Yes, the corral took up parking spaces. As a result, DOT and CB 8 Approval was required.

    Yes, an animal clinic is coming to 735 Franklin Ave.

  6. Hi all! Just a late chime-in to say that the bike corral took up one parking space. We are halfway planted (one big planter to go) and have been delighted to see that the corral is already seeing lots of use. Hope it stays that way!

    And btw SO EXCITED for the animal hospital!