Monday, November 26, 2012

Shop Local for the Holidays on Franklin

Black Friday has passed, as has Small Business Saturday, but for many Brooklynites the holiday shopping season is still just getting underway. If you live locally, consider getting your gifts on Franklin, where your money will go to support local merchants whose contributions to the community include sponsoring the Franklin Avenue Kids Day, the Halloween Parade, street beautification, and more. I'm in full booster mode here, but it's not just the dollars and cents - shopping locally is a social process, too, one that builds links, affection, and trust between merchants and residents on which community-based action (around a wide variety of issues) is often founded. 

ILFA has received gift guides and gift updates from the local businesses listed below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list - if you're a local merchant, feel free to pass along additional information. Readers, if you've got a great local gift idea, share it here too!

- Calabar Imports, just arrived from Washington as of this summer, has some great items on offer in their new Franklin location.

- Owl & Thistle General Store sent their gift guide around recently, and much more can be found on their website. They've made a great effort to stock the work of local craftspeople and artisans, including much of what's sold at the Built in Brooklyn Craft Fair, on a regular basis. 

- The folks at Park Delicatessen over on Classon are never short of great gifts (and fabulous flowers, if you're looking for something in that vein). 

- Stork is the place to get great gifts for the young and the restless.

- About Time Boutique may no longer have a physical location on the Avenue, but you can still get great gear that represents the neighborhood on their website. 

It'd take far too long to list all of the restaurants and eateries on Franklin, but many of them (including, based purely on walk-ins over the last few days, The Candy Rush, Little Zelda, Pulp & Bean/Bob & Betty's, and Lily & Fig) have great items wrapped for gifting as well. Gift certificates are also available at many restaurants, and are an excellent gift-based strategy for making insular Manhattanites take to the subway and come visit in the cold winter months.


  1. I've noticed that food gifts made in our great borough are appreciated by relatives in other states now that "Brooklyn" is itself a kind of brand. We always bring some pickles or chutney "Made in Brooklyn" when we visit family. (Owl & Thistle is a good place for this stuff.)

  2. And since I forgot them earlier, you can get various Brooklyn-made distillates (including Glorious Gin, a tasty one) at Wino(t), which go over well with nearly everyone.

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