Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New on the Avenue: Construction, Deals, Events

Apologies for the omnibus post this week, ILFA's in the midst of graduate qualifying exams, and so while I've been doing lots of writing, very little of it pertains to Franklin Avenue (though David Harvey, Neil Smith, and Lance Freeman all have a thing or two to say that's relevant here...but I digress).

Anyway, there are two new projects in the works that readers have noticed, one at Lincoln and Franklin (which Brooklynian reports will be a Grilled Cheese place) and one just down the street at the former CCM space, which will be be, according to the sign, an animal hospital. In addition, full-scale construction began this week at 605 Franklin (the yellow fence between St. Mark's and Bergen), with excavations taking place every morning, to the chagrin of some neighbors. No word yet on what that project will look like.

As for existing businesses, December is a time of reckoning for a lot of our local establishments, in part because foot traffic slows as the weather gets cold and in part because it's the close of the year. I put up a "shop local for the holidays" post last week, but in addition to goodies for your aunt in St. Cloud, there are some great deals for food and drink that have cropped up around the neighborhood in the past week.

- TasteBuds has upped their game for the holidays with truly fantastic buttermilk biscuits, available covered in gravy or as the base for their egg-and-cheese sandwiches. Get 'em on Saturdays and Sundays and coffee's only $1.

- Rosco's has launched a great new happy hour featuring $2 slices, $1 off beers and wine, and $3 off pitchers from 4-7pm (you're talking two slices and a beer for dinner for under $10 if you eat before 7).  If you're a happy hour kind of person, there are great ones on the Avenue, including those at Franklin Park, Crown Inn, Barboncino, and Mayfield (home of dollar oysters when supplies last). 

- Finally, there's a great lit event tomorrow night at Franklin Park, the NY Tyrant Brooks Launch Party, courtesy of the Franklin Park Reading Series.


  1. Good bye: Run down, drug dealing bodega.

    Hello: Yummy, grilled cheese place.

    Clandestine efforts pay off.

  2. The place on the corner of Franklin and Lincoln will be called Glady's and will not be a grilled cheese place. It will have a wood-fired oven and full bar. The chefs formerly ran an artisinal grilled cheese food truck, but the new place will have a broader menu.

  3. Any update on the restaurant that is replacing Abagail's Wine Bar, on the corner of Classon and St John's Place? I heard it is going to be Italian. I haven't seen any construction there yet...

  4. The site of Abigails will be run by the folks who run a restaurant on Vanderbilt, and filed for an alcohol permit that would do business as "Seven Brooklyn":

  5. I saw in "Edible Brooklyn" that Tooker Alley is now open on Washington Ave!

  6. "Clandestine efforts pay off."

    WTF? Mike F. scares me.

  7. 10:37-
    Tooker Alley has been open since Oct 18th.

    There is no need to be scared. See you at Festivus on Dec 21st!

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  9. Does anyone know what restaurant/bar is being built right across Chavela's. It's been under construction since forever, and wanted to know what kind of place it's going to be. Thanks.

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