Friday, December 07, 2012

Update: Ms. Noel and MySpaceNYC Event Last Friday

An update from MySpace NYC (in response to some of the questions that readers and ILFA were curious about):

Mrs. Noel is longstanding local resident and we've known her for over two years.  It just recently came to our attention that she holds these small soup kitchens/lunches for the community sporadically throughout the year, and when we heard, we informed her that we wanted to be a part of the her next effort.  Mrs. Noel lives at her property with her son, and two daughters, who also participated with us in the small event.  MySpaceNYC donated the food and materials, Mrs. Noel and her family cooked it, and we (Mrs. Noel's family and the MySpaceNYC family) served it together.  We served anyone that asked for a delicious hot plate of braised chicken accompanied with mac & cheese, water cabbage, potato salad, and veggie rice with split peas.  We primarily targeted the shelter by passing out flyers the day before and the day of the event, but we fed anybody that lined up.  Cooking Crew: Mrs. Noel, her cousin, her son, and two grand daughters.  Serving Crew: Mrs. Noel, her two grand daughters, three MySpaceNYC agents (Alex, Belle, and Reggie), and two managers (Hector and myself).  We served over 75 meals. We do not have another event confirmed on our upcoming calendar, but we are looking forward to working more in partnership with these local organizations and resources in the near future.  Feeding the community is new for us, and it was great!  We are currently discussing a "toys for tots" effort with local community leaders, and we'll keep you abreast of the details as soon as we have them all confirmed


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  2. Sounds like a public relations move on the part of MySpaceNYC after they've gotten some bad press for profiting off of the displacement of long time Black and Latino residence and then overcharging new tenants.
    MySpaceNYC spends a few hours handing out free food, and thinks they can fool us into believing that they care about this community and it's long time residence.
    Has MySpaceNYC changed their practices of illegal evictions, refusal of services and repairs, and rent overcharges? Have they stopped harassing long time tenants?

    We need to see some actual change in the practices of MySpaceNYC and not just a little chicken and potatoes.