Friday, January 18, 2013

Around the Avenue: Weekend Happenings

There are some interesting goings-on around Crown Heights this weekend, but first, a little local history:

One of my favorite things about being on the Brooklyn Historical Society's mailing list is their map of the month (complete archive here). Old maps are catnip for urban historians - a professional-association mailing list ILFA's on routinely sees emails asking for historical maps - and this month's map, a plan of Prospect Park's Parade Ground was particularly fun for me, because if you look at the road that runs between the park and the Parade Ground, you'll see that it's called "Franklin Avenue."

Wait, what? Franklin Avenue? Was there another Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn? Was our Franklin Avenue called something else in 1860? A look at the 1859 Dripps Map of the New York Area (pictured below, click the link to zoom) shows that this wasn't the case, and also reveals that Prospect Park, of course, had not yet been built, and existed only on maps like the one above. Brooklyn's Franklin Avenue still ran its present course through Crown Heights, but the area south of the present-day park was part of the Town of Flatbush in 1860, and the road that today is Parkside Avenue was then called Franklin (you can see it, unnamed, following roughly its present route on the map below). 

And now, on to some weekend happenings:

- Local singer-songwriter Tea Leigh performs tonight at Little Zelda at 8pm. The pint-sized cafe is also rolling out a new wine, beer, cheese, and charcuterie menu, and will now be open until 1am on weekends. 

- Across the street at LaunchPad, you can check out a performance of "Synthesizers and Bullsh*t," also at 8pm (gotta love the self-aware description of an experimental electronic musician). 

- On Saturday, "Sign of the Tides" opens at Five Myles from 6-8pm. From their site:


Helmut Dick, Karni Dorell,
Jennifer Protas, Roel van Timmeren
Organized by Jennifer Protas
The second of two exhibitions at FiveMyles on the notion of Landscape shows the work of four artists who collaborated on presenting their interpretation of the urban landscape in a global world. The artists have taken their inspiration from John Brinckerhoff Jackson and Zygmunt Baumann's theory that we have moved from a solid to a fluid phase of modernity in which nothing keeps its shape and nothing is secured.

- On Saturday morning, TasteBuds rolls out their new jalapeño biscuits. ILFA plans to try them with some eggs and cheddar. Mmm. 

- Finally, don't forget the MLK Day of Service on Franklin, hosted by the CHCA, on Monday at 10am. 

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