Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CHCA Meeting: MLK Day of Service and More

The Crow Hill Community Association (CHCA) met last night, and meets every third Tuesday of the month (this one snuck up on many people as the first day of the month was a Tuesday). If you've never been to a CHCA meeting, come by in February - the organization has been working to improve the neighborhood and build community for nearly 30 years, and their meetings are a great way to meet neighbors, get involved, and learn about the long history of community activism and change on Franklin Avenue. 

Among the announcements, the most pressing was their annual Franklin Avenue Clean Up as part of MLK Day, which takes place this coming Monday. Meet at 737 Franklin Avenue (Had Associates) at 10am if you want to participate. Other topics that came up included the return of the B48 bus (which the CHCA worked very hard for), updates from local politicians, and debate regarding the bike corral.


  1. The clean-up sounds great-- what time will everyone meet? Thanks!

  2. Added that just now - meet at 10am. Thanks!

  3. Kudos to CHCA for the return of the B48 bus!