Friday, January 04, 2013

Gentrification Documentary "My Brooklyn" At ReRun Theater This Weekend

ILFA's got a whole pile of New Year's Resolutions (who doesn't) that will probably make it into a larger post in that vein this weekend, but one of them is to think a little bigger and broader about some of the issues that appear so frequently on this blog. To that end, I'm going to check out "My Brooklyn: Unmasking the Takeover of American's Hippest City," a film from documentarian Kelly Anderson that investigates the redevelopment of the Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn. It's showing at the ReRun Theater in DUMBO starting this evening with two showings (at 7:30 and 10:15) and running through  next Thursday, January 10 (the folks from Filmwax, who screen films to Franklin Park with some regularity, are co-sponsoring). In addition to being a fascinating topic, the filmmakers have put together a great slate of speakers, short films, and discussants throughout this run, including MIT historian Craig S. Wilder tonight (his A Covenant with Color is a fabulous history of Brooklyn) and MoCADA and Soul of Brooklyn founder Laurie Cumbo tomorrow (who brought a Block Party to Crown Heights last September). Get your tickets here, and if you do go see it and want to contribute a review, let ILFA know. 


  1. So gentrifiers are going to see a film in a gentrified neighborhood about the evils of gentrification? Oh the guilt and irony.

  2. A perfect example of hipster guilt. Kelly, a self proclaimed gentrifier feeling for the people she helped displace. Maybe she should move out of her Sunset Park apt and go live in Brownsville and get a real feel for Brooklyn 20+ years ago.

  3. I wonder if she shops at the Fulton Mall