Monday, January 28, 2013

Help the CHCA Host a Town Hall Meeting

From the Crow Hill Community Association (CHCA):

CHCA is excited to be planning a community-wide Town Hall meeting in March. We see this as a visioning opportunity for the future of our community and we want everyone’s voice to be heard.

We are looking for people who can give 5-20 hours over the next 7 weeks. We will be putting together mailings, distributing fliers, and placing posters to get the word out.

In addition we will need help with the event itself. This will include preparing materials to present and distribute, serving food, and providing daycare.

We need many hands to pull this off.

Please email us at if you are able to give some time to make this important and exciting project a success. Let us know if you have any special skills: power point, design, writing, child care, etc.


  1. CHCA meeting is regarding traffic problems, parking problems, or for the children sport complex. uhh best place for meeting is Prospect Heights Parking.

  2. childrens sport complex? first i've heard of this, any more details?

  3. Not totally sure what's Steven's referring to - is this Barclays or the proposed redevelopment of one of our two Armories (Bedford/Atlantic or Bedford/Union)?

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