Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday Morning - Day of Service on Franklin (Updated - Thanks!)

It's become something of an informal tradition to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by taking a "day on" (as opposed to a day off) and spending the holiday in service to a cause or community. If you don't have plans tomorrow, come out and help clean up Franklin Avenue with the Crow Hill Community Association. Meet at 10am at 737 Franklin.

UPDATE: A big thanks to everyone who came out for this. Dozens of bags of trash were collected, and the Avenue looks great. Thanks as well to the Crow Hill Community Association for organizing,  Had Associates for sending volunteers off with trash bags and plastic gloves, and to Pulp & Bean and MySpace for providing coffee. 

One final thought: we definitely need more (and bigger) trash cans on Franklin. It was particularly apparent because today's holiday made for a long weekend without pickup, but increased foot traffic makes for a lot of overflow, particularly on the corners with only one can (St. John's and Franklin). 

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  1. We really enjoyed participating and are excited to do more. As more traffic comes to the great businesses on Franklin do you think something like the Fulton Ave. Business District would be possible for Franklin? When 1000 Dean opens there will be many more visitors to the neighborhood and probably lots more cigarettes (so many butts found during clean up!) Without a consistent program for clean up it seems like the garbage could soon be unmanageable for the community to handle on its own.