Friday, January 18, 2013

Park Place Coffee Opens

Park Place Coffee, the latest addition to Franklin's burgeoning coffee scene (remember when having two coffee shops in the area was such a big deal that the New York Times ran a story about it?) opened yesterday. Located in the former Muslim Bookstore space on Park Place just west of Franklin (and across from the entrance to the Park Place shuttle stop), the shop offers self-serve drip coffee, barista-made espresso drinks, pastries, donuts, and a whole case of small-batch organic chocolates, including truffles, chocolate-covered Oreos, and full-size chocolate bars. 

The indoor space is small and cozy, with seating for somewhere between 10-15 folks along one wall. Though it won't get much use until the spring, they've also got a ton of outdoor space, as they can use both their shaded back garden and the area in front of the store up to the fence (which is their property, not city sidewalk, and thus cheaper/requires fewer permits to use). They'll be open coffee shop hours (early-ish - early-evening-ish), but as the owners are Jewish, they'll be observing the Saturday sabbath (closing early on Friday, closed all day Saturday). While they had a soft opening yesterday and are open today, they're planning a grand opening next week.

It's a crowded environment for coffee shops along the Avenue, but I'm thinking their proximity to the shuttle stop, as well as their great outdoor space once summer rolls around, will give Park Place Coffee a slice of the market (and the case full of chocolate can't hurt). Readers, thoughts? 


  1. Looks good! I'll be checking it out for sure. All the coffee shops on Franklin (and nearby) are slightly different, so I'm looking forward finding this place's quirk.

  2. Will definitely try, and indeed wonder what they'll do different to compete with the choices on Franklin, Classon, and in between. My count so far (and opinion):

    0 Pulp & Bean (morning go-to for to-go b/c of proximity)
    0 Breukelen (occasional morning go-to. not open early enough)
    0 Little Zeldas (cute but too small. kinda weird workers/owners)
    0 Glass Shop (great coffee, like the pastries, nice people, good space)
    0 Nouvelle Vag (went once. unwelcoming feeling. no draw for me)
    0 Crosby (favorite place by far. great coffee, good guys, great space and light. well made pastries when they have them)

    Was actually hoping the sbux rumors were true just to have a place that opened early, with good assortment of stuff to eat (im up at 5:30am)

    1. Yeah, the folks from Little Zelda's weird me out. Their coffee is very good, but the owners seem way too pretentious. And whoever designed the space killed the layout so badly. Crosby and Glass Shop are my top picks.

  3. As long as they have an extra extra large size, I'll be there pre-shuttle every morning. whoop! I hope they make the outdoors pretty, that corner is dirty. broken glass, everywhere.

  4. Been there. I dunno... Not my cup of coffee.

  5. Seems like the owners try to prove it again, that it's not all about the location. Just look at Candy Rush and 739 Franklin. They can't live too long without that filthy white dollar...

  6. Funny, I'm jewish and I work late on Fridays and even drive a car on Saturdays!

    Perhaps the author was referring to Orthodox or Hasidic Jews.

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  9. The coffee is amazing and I love the atmosphere not to mention a small selection of books to read there:)

  10. do you have a Hechsher? if so what? thanks, I hope so, sounds like nice place