Monday, February 11, 2013

Crown Heights Writes: Literary Events This Week

The Franklin Park Reading Series goes off in an hour, but you already knew that (and given how popular this event has become, the tables are probably packed already). Still, if you've got a thirst for great reads and $4 drafts, swing by Franklin Park tonight at 8pm for what's sure to be a great reading.

Later in the week the Renegade Reading Series gets back in the game with a Wednesday night relaunch at LaunchPad, featuring five local writers. They'll be meeting on the second Wednesday of the month from now on. Complete info from their FB page is copied below:

Hello Renegades! Hope you haven't missed us as much as we've missed all of you. We're really excited to be back from what we'll refer to as simply a very long December.

I know what you're all thinking - "February 13th is a Wednesday, you guys. Clearly you've made a mistake." Well, I suppose this would be as good of a time as any to let you know that the reading series will be every 2nd Wednesday of the month now. There will still be free booze and cupcakes though, so we hope this doesn't cramp your style too hard. (There is no cover, but y'all are encouraged to make a small donation to help keep LaunchPad and the Renegade Reading series alive.)

Other than that, things will go on like they have before. We'll all gather at 8 for the usual wine drinking, cupcake eating, chatting, flirting, and general shenanigans. Then we'll sit down at 8:30 and be a captive audience for this excellent lineup of readers:

Sara Batkie
Kelly Rush
Stephen Green
Larry Kaplun
Adina Lepp

We're really excited to start this whole thing up again, so as you've done such a good job of already, please bring friends, dates, strangers, dudes off the street, bosses, mommies, and roommates. We'll provide some top-notch Trader Joe's wine, but if that doesn't fly with your pallet, feel free to BYOB.


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  2. Who is that adorable kitten?

  3. His name is Franklin (surprise, surprise), and he WAS an adorable kitten - he's now a big, fat, sassy cat (but still adorable when he wants to be).