Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Roundup - Women Love the World at LaunchPad, Brooklyn Up at Franklin Park, Built and Brooklyn Returns, and Town Hall Meeting This Weekend

Here's the weekly roundup of events (as always, it's a full slate):

- Women Love the World, a three day festival and fundraiser celebrating women artist activists, runs from Wednesday-Friday at LaunchPad. Click on the flyer above or follow the link for more details.

- You can also swing by LaunchPad for a beginner Italian lesson (the start of a course) tomorrow night at 8:30pm, catch the Built in Brooklyn Craft Fair on Saturday from 12-6pm, a Board Games Night on Saturday starting at 8pm, and a clothing swap on Sunday afternoon from 2-5pm. 

- Don't forget the Town Hall Meeting this Saturday, from 12-3pm at PS 22 (Classon and St. Marks). Organizers are also still looking for volunteers to help with outreach this week and to help coordinate the event - more information at the CHCA site.

- Debates about policing in New York City continue to rage after several days of protest in East Flatbush following the killing of Kimani Gray and the beginning of Floyd v. City of New York this week. Locally, city comptroller and mayoral hopeful John Liu will host a Town Hall Meeting (not to be confused with the one above) on Stop and Frisk this Wednesday at the Concord Baptist Church of Christ at 833 Gardner C. Taylor Boulevard (Marcy Avenue) from 5:30 -7:30pm.

- Finally, a pair of links from the "Crown Heights" Google Alert: DNAInfo talks with Russ Garofalo, accountant to Brooklyn's creative class, and New York Magazine swings by Cool Pony.


  1. Really - New York Magazine swung by Cool Pony? Why do I feel like Franklin Avenue is going to be in the next episode of "Girls"?

  2. Guess you didn't notice that "Girls" was filming on Franklin a few months ago!! Not kidding here

  3. NO WAY! Hilarious! I know the Lena Dunham character's boyfriend is supposed to live in Prospect Heights. I think that really means in ProCro.

  4. P.S. LaunchPad's line-up is awesome. I don't know why, but LaunchPad doesn't seem Girls-worthy while Cool Pony does (nothing against Cool Pony, just an observation).

  5. The Italian classes at LaunchPad will continue this Spring. Here is the instructor George's blog: