Saturday, March 16, 2013

Press Release: Tenant Protest Today

Press Conference & Rally
Saturday, March 16th at 1pm
805 St. Marks Avenue [btwn New York Ave. & Brooklyn Ave.]

St. Marks Tenants Rise Up: Years of Landlord Harassment, No Heat, Mold & Shoddy Walls

805 St. Marks to Pinnacle Group: “We Demand Repairs, Rent Decrease, Tenant Justice!”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- When Pinnacle Group bought the rent-stabilized building at 805 St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights, the notorious corporate landlord probably didn’t realize it was messing with some of the toughest tenants in Brooklyn.  And at a rally and press conference on Saturday, the people of the 805 St. Marks Avenue Tenants Rights Committee will make it clear – we won’t stand for harassment, shoddy repairs, or the displacement of our community.

Natherlene Bolden said, “I’ve lived in the building over thirty years and since Pinnacle has taken over, the conditions haves deteriorated rapidly.  The repairs – sometimes even when you go to court and the judge orders it – are not getting done.  We are fighting back for our rights as tenants.”

Tammy Moore said, “They raised the rent on us once before, for the boiler – and the heat’s still terrible.  They have too few workers in the building, and those workers are overworked and underpaid.”

Constance Nuccio added, “Not only that, to get my windows fixed, I had to wait three months.  Can you imagine that?  The window where my fire escape is, the lock is broken, anyone can come in.  I flipped out.” 

Pinnacle is well-known for past practices of rent overcharge and tenant harassment.  The company is currently engaged in selective “renovation” of vacant apartments at 805 St. Marks Avenue – and failing to do necessary repairs in the apartments of long-term residents.  A tenants’ alliance of long-term residents and a few new residents formed to fight back.

Pinnacle Group stormed out of a Thursday night meeting at the building last week.  Since January, tenants have been demanding that Pinnacle fix problems ranging from rusty, polluted water to absent heat on some of the coldest days of the winter.  Some apartments have longstanding mold problems; others have “repairs” as shoddy as plastic sheeting covering holes in the wall.  Despite superficial efforts, these problems persist – and what’s more, Pinnacle wants tenants to pay for the repairs.

805 St. Marks Avenue and the building’s other address (1206 Bergen Street) currently have a total of more than 250 open violations of the housing code on file with HPD.

For our part, the tenants of 805 St. Marks want Pinnacle to fix the building and stop targeting it for rent increases.  We are demanding a 25% rent reduction – in light of years of neglected repairs to common areas and apartments, and to ensure that working-class people can continue to call 805 St. Marks home for the next generation.  At Saturday’s rally and press conference, the people of 805 St. Marks will hold Pinnacle accountable.


  1. Everybody who's crying about a bad landlord.... well, you should leave. Oh wait, you're getting below market rent... Maybe you should try not living off the government and then you'll get a better landlord.

  2. Yes, and developers who are relying on city subsidies and tax breaks should stay out. In other words: try not living off of the government. We may not reap the benefits of investment, but at least the market will keep our rents affordable.

  3. Not everyone living here is on any form of goverment programme, some of us work long hours just to pay our rent, and belive me if I can find a 1 bedroom for $1000 or cheaper I will move on in a heartbeat. So don't talk about things you're not living in!! we seem not to have heat on the coldest days but will have all other time. So I understand what my neighbours are going through and not because the goverment help some with there rent makes it right for medioca work where you live should be your private retreat.

  4. Wow!!! It's so easy for others to pass judgement especially when they're neither living in the situation, nor know the story of those living in the situation. Why not try to see the big picture rather than your narrow minded view. But for the Grace of God this might be YOU.

  5. i love the bld and have lived there for three years.the neighborhood keeps improving and the staff does its best.the bld is always cleann.

    all the noise is just from a coupple of trouble makers

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