Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thanks to all for a great town hall!

(photos via Brooklynian, who have more posted here)

First and foremost, ILFA wants to extend a big, sincere thank-you to everyone who took time out of their weekend to come to the Crow Hill Community Association Town Hall Meeting this past Saturday. It was exciting to see so many people from all walks of life engaged in earnest conversations about how to realize their dreams for Crown Heights. We'll be posting reports from the meeting as soon as we can get them together (as well as planning for the next meeting and the next steps to come), but in the meantime, if you did come to the meeting, and if you found it as productive and inspiring as I did, share those conversations and that momentum with your family, friends, and neighbors. If we could maintain that level of involvement and commitment on a regular basis (and I'm not suggesting that's easy - after all, I took the rest of the weekend off from pretty much everything), I'm confident we could accomplish quite a few of the goals we discussed on Saturday. 

I'm planning to post some more thoughts soon, but in the meantime, I really enjoyed this reflection from Brooklyn Born, and I recommend it to everyone, whether you came to the meeting or not. And while we're on the subject of community involvement in neighborhood change, it seems a good time post a link to the Needs Assessment Survey that Heart of Brooklyn and WAPHA (the Washington Avenue-Prospect Heights Association) are doing for Washington Avenue. More info from their press release is copied below. 

Heart of Brooklyn, A Cultural Partnership,
Launches a Needs Assessment Survey For Washington Avenue

(March 15, 2013, Brooklyn, NY) Heart of Brooklyn (HOB), a Cultural Partnership will launch a Needs Assessment Survey focused on retail development for Washington Avenue between Atlantic Avenue & Eastern Parkway.  The findings will be shared publicly atheartofbrooklyn.org.  The purpose of the survey is to help increase the retail mix in the district. Surveys will be distributed at participating businesses and online at surveymonkey.com/s/washingtonavenue.  Additionally, volunteers will be conducting intercept surveys with area residents, and visitors to the cultural campus, at various locations in the area starting Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

With the help of a grant from New York City's Department of Small Business Services, Heart of Brooklyn has been supporting the efforts of the local merchant association, Washington Avenue - Prospect Heights Association (WAPHA), through street beautification projects, the HOB Connection and local promotions. In 2013, HOB has been working closely with JGSC, a retail-consulting firm, to provide information to property owners and realtors in Prospect Heights & Crown Heights interested in attracting retail prospects in categories that are either absent or under-served on Washington Avenue.

"We are excited that our programs are connecting commercial property owners and realtors with entrepreneurs looking to expand in Brooklyn, to help meet the needs of residents and visitors," said Denise McClean, chair of Heart of Brooklyn. 

For specific dates and times at various survey locations, please call (718) 623-7259

Heart of Brooklyn (HOB) is a partnership of the leading cultural institutions located near Grand Army Plaza in central Brooklyn. Founded in 2001 by Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Prospect Park Alliance, and Prospect Park Zoo, this partnership is dedicated to promoting its unique cultural campus as a "must-see" destination to a diverse audience in Brooklyn and beyond. Heart of Brooklyn encourages tourism and learning by making its world-class collections and historic treasures more visible and accessible. As an integral part of Brooklyn's renaissance, Heart of Brooklyn is committed to strengthening the future of its neighborhoods. Learn more at heartofbrooklyn.org.

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