Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoning and Landmarking: Learn More at Tomorrow's Crow Hill Community Association Meeting

As you may have heard, "Crown Heights West" (with Franklin Avenue smack in the middle of it) is in the process of being re-zoned. Undertaken at the request of Community Board 8 in response to some of the rapid development in the neighborhood, the zoning has, according to the Department of City Planning, two goals: to preserve the architectural character and scale of the neighborhood and to create some incentives for developers to build affordable housing. 

Development, of course, is a matter of constant conversation in Crown Heights. Zoning is but one part of a multi-tiered system that regulates and shapes development, but it can have significant implications for neighborhoods like ours, and it's often poorly understood. Landmarking, a separate city process, is also geared toward the preservation of neighborhoods deemed "historic" by their residents and local elected officials. 

If you're interested in these two processes and how they might affect Crown Heights in the future, put tomorrow's Crow Hill Community Association meeting on your calendar. Complete info is on the postcard above, but the meeting will take place in the basement of St. Teresa's (entrance just east of Classon on Sterling) at 7pm sharp. We'll be discussing the impact (and the limits) of zoning and landmarking, and we want to hear from you (and I say we since this friendly neighborhood blogger will once again be chattering away, in this instance about zoning).

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