Thursday, June 06, 2013

TODAY: Legal Launch at LauchPad

LaunchPad has made a policy of hosting a wide range of great events, but today's Legal Launch marks a new foray for them into the realm of legal assistance for local folks who either own businesses or are thinking about starting them. Read on or click on the flyer above for more info:

Complete LaunchPad schedule for this week/weekend:

Thursday, June 6th @ Noon-7pm
Legal Launch 

A day-long event of free legal and business assistance to  help independent artists, new freelancers, and new small business owners successfully launch their careers. 15 minute-long one-on-one consultations from noon - 5pm, and a workshop/presentation from 6pm-7pm.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
Noon; Free


Thursday, June 6th @ 8pm
Another Round Storytelling

This month’s installment features Jefferson, a self-described “parent and pervert” who runs the Bare! and Spill! storytelling series in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C. (Listen to his heartbreaking account of spending Christmas with his ex-wife on the Risk! podcast.) Please join us for tales of drinking and debauchery — and throw your name in the cocktail shaker for the chance to tell your own!

Every first Thursday of the month, Another Round Storytelling serves up a new batch of stories in which alcohol is the star, or at least plays a supporting role. Five people are randomly chosen and receive 10 minutes to tell a booze-soaked tale. Then a special guest headliner takes the stage to close out the show. 

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
8p; $5 suggested donation


Friday, June 7th @ 8pm
The Family Repertory Company Presents: A Night of Short Plays & Stories

Come and join us as we present the 1st in a continuing series of Short Plays & Stories. This Series is an opportunity where new & up and coming writers can showcase their writing abilities while staying to the theme of the show. In this case we will be presenting some mildly dark comedy pieces. All the pieces will be performed by Family Repertory Company members. These are the plays/stories:

:: Dominoes at Ivette's Written by Marvin Camillo Valentine Jr.
:::: Gee Thanks Written by Irene Hernandez
:::::: Don't Vex Me Choreographed by Camilla Davis & Perry Garrett
:::::::: Operation Soy Written by Mia Anderson
:::::::::: Throw Down (Monologue) Written by Marvin F. Camillo Sr.

The Family Players:
Ana Araújo
Arturo Soria
Camilla Maria Davis
Cesar Alvarez
Helena Miele EarthMum
Irene Hernandez
Mia Anderson
Sergio Cruz

Tickets are at a donation of: $13 at the door / $10 in advance via Paypal (
$9 Senior Citizens (60 & up) or Disabled (wheel chair accessible)
1 free beverage comes with your ticket

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
7:30p; $10 suggested donation


Saturday, June 8th @ 8pm
Sounds & Sounds - Taylor Watkins Benefit Party

Taylor Watkins Benefit Party featuring...

• Breiner/Van Hemmen/Warren
Sweaty, viscous, jazz-deranged improvisations by 3 of NY's foremost foremen of umpf and ooaYah

BK punk rock band making their American debut

• Alex Mallet 
Songs from the banjo that make the soul search, yearn

• Tim Selzin Nafziger
Nigerian raised hip-hop artist with a unique underground, indie sound

• Tim Garrigan
Musical ventures spanning post-hardcore (Dazzling Killmen), experimentalism (You Fantastic!), minimalist math rock (PHUT), and folk-rock 

• Rev. Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
A radical performance community of wild anticonsumerist, earth loving urban activists

Taylor Watkins (27) is a cancer survivor fighting a second round with this monstrous disease. He’s a hugely talented ceramic artist with a big heart. 

Taylor was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. He doesn’t have health insurance and needs all of our support to beat this thing. Come help raise money for Taylor’s treatment, and send healing energy, strength, and the fight of 10,000 lions!!  

$15 donation cover fee.

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