Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Events: Art, Books, Music, Movies, Trash

Lots of good stuff going on this week, including events at Franklin Park and Launchpad tonight:

- The folks at the Walt L. Shamel Garden on Dean Street do great things every summer. Join them on Friday for a movie night (flier above), and every Saturday from 8am-3pm for their farmers' market.

- Secondary Sound hosts their Brooklyn UP series at Franklin Park tonight. Music starts at 9pm.

- The Livable Neighborhood Work Group of the Crow Hill Community Association sends an update on their efforts to improve local sanitation:

We are finishing up collecting Petition signatures and Trash Assessment data and are preparing to meet with Council Member Tish James' office.  

Please bring any filled or partially filled paper Petitions (asking for more public trash bins and pickups) to HAD Associates, 737 Franklin Ave, by this Wednesday, July 15.

Please circulate the Electronic Petition among your friends and neighbors until the 15th as well.

- Five Myles hosts the Haiti Cultural Exchange's summer concert series, Mizik Ayiti, on Saturday.

- And, as always, Launchpad has a great slate of events planned, with art and books featuring prominently this week.

Tuesday, July 16th @ 8pm
Drink + Draw + Draw

You are cordially invited to a model drawing session at Launchpad at 8:00pm There will be beverages on hand. The recommended donation shall be $5, but any extra support of the space is appreciated. The session will run until 10 pm with a short break in the middle. Please bring your own drawing materials, including drawing boards if you have them. If people are interested, there can also be an open drawing table for collaborative draw jams and general messing around.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C to Franklin Avenue station
8p, $5 suggested donation


Wednesday, July 17th @ 8pm
Renegade Reading Series

Featuring work from Brooklyn and beyond, we invite you to come hang out at our venue, LaunchPad, each month to drink wine, eat cupcakes, catch up with friends, relax, and listen to an eclectic lineup of amazing writers.

This month please join us as we raise our fists to this oppressive heat and feral cats. We're really excited to be back again in a couple weeks for what we've been told by at least three Feed The Children representatives is "the most significant night on Michael Bloomberg's calendar."

We're really excited for you all to hear the following group of human beings slay you with their words:

Adina Lepp
Stephen Green
Sebastian Paramo
Joe Giarratano (as featured at Caroline's on Broadway)
John Fischer (author of The Probable Outcomes)

Bring friends, dates, parents, strangers off the street. As usual, there will be free cookies and wine and some sort of strange prize for the person who correctly identifies the actress in this month's picture.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C to Franklin Avenue station
8p, $5 suggested donation


Saturday, July 20th @ 7pm
Fragile Territories

Exhibition Opening: July 20 7-11pm
New Regulations Performance: 7-9pm
Music: 9-11pm

Curated by Rebecca Pristoop

Fragile Territories brings together artwork by three Israeli artists of the same generation who explore their complex relationships to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While each artist moved to the United States to pursue her own artistic exploration, it is the home she left behind that beckons her full attention. Individually, the artists wrestle with poetic notions of faith and loss while enacting artistic processes that question the division between personal identity and national responsibility. Together, they represent a growing community of Israeli expats struggling to unpack the meaning and significance of this inheritance. Through diverse materials and processes each artist grapples with the loss of security and rightness within Israel’s national history as it intersects with a thinly veiled private life.

Alexandra Ben-Abba gathers images of military destruction and confrontation from social media outlets. Observing the human relationships captured within, her process results in blown glass, installation, video and performance. For Fragile Territories, Ben-Abba presents the performance “New Regulations,” along with a video entitled, “Always On Our Plate.” These pieces pair experiences and images of security checkpoints and obstruction that seem striking and uncomfortable to an outsider. To an insider, they reveal the banality of politics in everyday Israeli life.

Noa Charuvi refers to photographs from news sources and processes them through paint on canvas. By eliminating almost all figures in her painterly interpretation, she abstracts and distills images to examine disappearance and displacement in a broader context. With deliberate and flat brushstrokes, she manipulates form and color, breaking down specificity of person, place and thing. In this way, her investigation travels from the personal to the universal.

Naomi Safran-Hon takes her own photographs in Wadi Salib, a dilapidated neighborhood in her hometown of Haifa and transforms them into sculptural paintings. She mounts her photographs on canvas and cuts into the images of crumbling structures, removing broken windows and doorways. Layering surface and texture, Safran-Hon rebuilds the fractured constructions with lace and cement, thereby interrupting the silence of her source photographs and giving voice to the untold stories of the now absent inhabitants.

Presenting Fragile Territories in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, another region historically under conflict, inevitably adds an additional layer of import to the investigation. It is also the current home of all three artists. - See more at: http://www.artiscontemporary.org/agenda_detail.php?id=861#sthash.FTRLZ5fk.dpuf

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C to Franklin Avenue station
7p, Free

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