Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farmers Markets in Crown Heights: Today at Hamilton Metz Field, Tomorrow at Brower Park (and Saturday on Dean Street)

From the folks at Seeds in the Middle, who've worked tirelessly through permit confusion, electricity challenges, and a whole host of other hurdles to get the Brower Park Market off the ground starting this Friday. They could still use a little help with respect to the electricity (see below), but the market will go on:

Come to the market and welcome back RH Farms and Jamerican Farms and all vendors at Hamilton Metz Park.

Join the Crown Heights Community Marching Band!

Try fresh smoothies!

Want to vend? Email:
What's for sale?  Corn, tomatoes, okra, potatoes, onions, peppers, hot peppers, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, apples, lettuce, spring onions, garlic, fresh herbs, honey, watermelon, cantaloupes and more...   
TODAY! Free smoothies and drum lessons!
Drum majors
Wood wind & brass wind players
Girls/boys - AGE 11 AND UP
And guess what no EXPERIENCE NEEDED,
come and be a part of our community marching band.  
3 pm:  FREE SMOOTHIES and nutrition tips from our students at SUNY Downstate Hospital!

4:30 pm: Join a new Crown Heights Community Marching Band!
Check out the drum line. 
Ages 11 and up. Free percussion lessons today with Medger Evers Preparatory School Band Director - Mr. Joseph and band members.

Don't forget healthy treats at our Hip2B Healthy Market.
Snow Ices, fresh icy orange/lemonade, anyone? Flowers? 

Come to the Hip2B Healthy Market tent! 
We're on the Radio!
Check out PS 221 Hip2B Healthy Market Ambassadors on Heritage Radio!
Chefs,  Farmers, Food Artisans!
Join our Crown Heights Farmers Markets

We open through Nov. 15, 2013  
All vendors welcome. Can't spend the day? Drop off product and our Hip2B Healthy student ambassadors will promote you! Or set up a tent with us. 
EBT/SNAP, FMNP, WIC, $2 Health Bucks when you spend $5

Thank you, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Friends of Brower Park, Community Board 8, 77th Precinct, NYC Parks and all the Brower Park neighbors for welcoming us to Brower Park on Fridays. We open Friday

FYI - We have a glitch at Brower Park! 
despite obstacles we must overcome, including that our farmers can't park at Brower Park. Thank you, Councilman Al Vann, for reaching out to NYC Parks. Thanks, NYC Parks, for making an exception and allowing farmers to plug into the park house for electricity. 

WE ARE SEEKING DONATIONS OF RUBBER MATS for Fridays to cover cords so no one trips.

We wrote an editorial about our challenges.
Stay tuned! 
Like Seeds in the Middle on Facebook to see when it's published! 

Thank you, NYC employees in ALL agencies who gone way out of their way many times to promote Seeds in the Middle's mission and help us help all New Yorkers!
TODAY - Hip2B Healthy kids feature snow ices, fresh orange juice and lemonade! Yum! 50 cents! 

 $20 donation drive to raise money for free soccer, music & Farmers Market activities!

Anyone who donates and gets 5 more folks to donate $20 each automatically wins a restaurant gift certificate! Thank you to our chef supporters of TASTES of Brooklyn!  We want to raise $20k to promote our markets and kids! That's only 1,000 of you! Come on!

Let's give all kids free or very, very, very low-cost summer fun!

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